3 Signs Telling You Need a Window Replacement

Let's face it: renovations such as new kitchens and baths, with all their shining chrome, porcelain and granite, get all the glory. But while new windows might not be one of the more exciting renos, don't discount the importance of windows to the overall comfort and efficiency of your home.

If you're hesitating on whether or not it's time to replace your windows, here are a few points to consider:

1) Can my existing windows be salvaged?
Possibly. It depends on what exactly the damage is.
Are there signs of rot in the frame or condensation between the glass panes?
Do the windows open and shut easily, or do they jam often or have broken parts?

While there are plenty of online DIY videos on how to repair some aspects of damaged windows, you also don't want to mess around with potential water damage in your home and the risk of mold. It's best to call a professional to assess the damage and suggest a course of repair, or replacement, if necessary. Condensation on windows between the panes, if the frames are otherwise in good shape, can be easily remedied with new glass. Issues such as broken parts, including sashes or hardware, likewise, can be easy to fix.

2) How is the window damage affecting me and my family?

Are you often cold in your home during the brutal Canadian winter, despite blasting the furnace? Are you exasperated with unwelcome visitors in the form of insects creeping into your home in summer months? Your home should be your fortress of comfort and solitude, but your defense against outside elements are only as good as your walls, roof, exterior doors and yes, windows.

Insulation. If your windows are poorly insulated or single-paned (and you're tired of bundling the kids in scratchy wool sweaters), then it may be time to upgrade to more energy-efficient ones. With today's high energy costs, you'll be saving potentially hundreds of dollars in heating bills going once high-quality windows are installed.

Outdoor pets: Let alone drafts, creepy crawlies can slip into your home if given the chance. Regular maintenance of your windows, through caulking, painting and screen repairs can keep the pests at bay, but if the problem is severe (such as through rotting wooden frames), it's likely time to call it quits. Replace the windows before you end up dealing with an infestation.

3) How are these windows affecting my curb appeal and resale value?
On the flip side of the points above, what if you can live with the negatives of damaged windows because you're not planning to stay put in your home long-term? Today's home buyers are certainly influenced by the popularity of home-improvement TV shows, but even if you’re perfectly staged home reels them in, a negative home inspection can quickly bring your sale to a crashing halt.

Health and safety issues associated with damaged windows, such as cracked glass, lead-painted frames or poor insulation are definite deterrents to future buyers. Investing the time and money into replacing your windows before you place your home on the market is certainly a smart and practical move. Modern day windows are made of durable and high-quality materials such as fiberglass and vinyl, and come in many different styles such as bay, bow and garden-style in addition to regular casement or picture window options. Installing new windows can definitely add to your home's character and visual appeal.

Window Replacement in Ottawa
If you're "open" to the idea of new windows, be sure to call a professional supplier and installer to discuss next steps. Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors offer free estimates for all window installation and repair in Ottawa. Call 613-717-9387 or visit our showroom for more information.

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