6 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Windows

If you’re reading this article, there is already a good chance you need to replace your windows. Most people know when it’s time. If you’re not happy with your windows, it’s a great investment. Replacing windows can save money and give your home a sharp upgrade in style. If you’re unsure, here are some red flags to look out for.


If you feel like you are standing in the middle of an airport, train station, or busy street, do yourself a favor and replace your windows. When you're inside your home you shouldn't hear noises from outside your home. You want to have a home that is relaxing.

Windows help keep outside sounds unnoticeable. The thicker your windows and doors are, the quieter your house will be. If you find yourself distracted by outside noise, consider getting thicker windows. A great option for blocking outside sounds is double paned windows.

High Heating Bill

A good indicator that it’s time to get new windows is if your heating bill is high. Single Pane windows are the least efficient window type. Windows are gaping holes in your insulation. If they’re not well insulated, heat will go out the window and run your bill higher than necessary.

Poor insulation in windows costs families hundreds a month. If you’re looking for ways to cut costs, you can save on your heating bill by replacing your windows.

You shouldn’t have to wrestle with your windows to open and close them. If there are snags on the sides when you open and close your windows, it’s a good idea to replace them. Take a moment to examine your windows.

The mechanism that keeps the window up is the balance. If your window isn’t able to stay up, you have a broken balance. A broken balance means your window can slam shut and pose a hazard.

Make sure dirt isn’t blocking the window tract. Look for tears on the sides that could snag. If you find nails, wood chips, or divots that block the window from moving, replace the window. Unprofessionally painted windows may cause problems later on. Older houses also tend to break in these areas. There is a good chance you need to replace your windows, if your house is old.

Seals Have Failed
If you feel a draft coming from your window, that means your seals are broken. At this point, it is a good idea to replace the window. Window seals don’t last forever. You should be able to see cracks or tears in the window seal.

Broken seals can cause warping from moisture. Warping can make the window too tight in some areas and gaping holes in others. You can do a temporary seal replacement, but sealants installed to already warped windows will still expand and contract – which can cause more holes later. It is better to replace the entire window to avoid further damages.

Condensation between Panes
You shouldn’t be able to tell the weather outside from condensation on the windows. Double paned windows save money on heating bills. However, if you ever find moisture between windows, replace them. A leak in the exterior windows means colder windows and colder homes.

The clouding property of condensation is also a factor to consider. If there is moisture in the window, it can be hard to see through. A leak in the window can result in dirty looking windows. If you are looking for a clean finish to your home, make sure there are no leaks between window panes.


You should replace your windows, if you don’t like how your current windows look. A great way to update your home is with new window treatments. New windows create a modern, sharp exterior and interior.

You should feel proud of your home. If you feel embarrassed about your windows, make the investment to replace them.

Windows are an important part of your home. Replace your windows if you're concerned about noise, failed seals, condensation, functionality, heating bill or aesthetics. Replacing windows can save you money, and give your home a modern improvement.

Now that you know how to replace your windows, explore your options! Keep in mind double window panes have better insulation and will help avoid high heating bills. Choose a reliable company that will install your windows well. This will help you avoid problems like functionality and failed seals later on. And have fun! You don’t replace windows every day so make sure you love your choice.

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