Casement Vinyl Windows

All About Casement Vinyl Windows

Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors has installed thousands of different styles of doors and windows for over 49 years in the Ottawa area, including Nepean and Manotick – each constructed with high-quality materials with their own unique characteristics, benefits, and names. Like our casement vinyl windows.

Our casement vinyl windows feature superior strength and insulation; a four-point fusion-welded frame and sash, adding structural strength and increasing precision; a three-seal system that resists air and water penetration; sash hinged at left or right that swings outward, a unique, easy load screen, and an optional fold-away handle; insulated glass that utilizes an advanced all-silicone foam formula and a unique dual-seal design; Super Spacer® from Edgetech delivers on the promise of warm-edge technology. 

Amazing, but it still doesn’t really say what a casement is – a window that is attached to its frame by one or more hinges at one side of the frame. Windows hinged at the top are referred to as awning windows, and ones hinged at the bottom are called hoppers. Often the glass panes are set in a recessed frame and sealed with beveled putty or a glazing compound to secure the glass.

Casement windows are often held open using a casement stay – a metal bar used to hold a casement window in a specific open or closed position. Different kinds of casement stay include peg type, telescopic and friction. They are opened with a crank, lever or cam handle, which is placed around hand height or at the bottom and serves as a window lock to hold the window in position despite any wind.

Casement windows generally have lower air leakage rates than sliding windows because the sash closes by pressing against the frame. Casement windows are also excellent for natural ventilation strategies, especially in hot climates. They can be hinged to open outward and angled in order to direct breezes into the building.

Casement Vinyl Windows
Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors offers some of the best casement vinyl windows on the market, and our priority is that you can count on our excellent service and competitive prices. We are transparent with you about the pricing on all of our products and offer free estimates. We take pride in our work, so all of our installations come with a 10-year labour guarantee to enhance the lifetime transferrable warranty on the products. For more information on casement vinyl windows or any of our products or services, contact Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors in Ottawa at 613-727-9387 today for results that will look attractive and professional.