Are Your Windows Leaking? How to Tell if Air is Escaping Through the Windows of Your Home in Ottawa

Improving the energy efficiency of your home is a viable way to cut down on energy costs. You can do this in a variety of ways, from installing better insulation to getting high quality replacement windows for your Ottawa home. The pros at Canadian Comfort can certainly assist you in making the best selection when you are shopping for windows.

Unfortunately, the indoor air may escape if there are leaks in or around your windows. This leaking air could counteract all of your efforts to maintain an energy efficient home. How do you combat this problem? First, you can check for leaks. Once you have done that, you can take action to seal your window leaks.

Take these steps to detect whether your windows are leaking air to the outdoors:

1. Examine the Area: First, take a look at the inside and the exterior of your windows. Check for visible gaps where the caulking may have begun to pull away or deteriorate. If the windows in your home are old, look for glazing that is damaged. Glazing is the solid putty that keeps the panes of glass positioned.
2. Use Smoke or Fire: You can utilize the smoke from an incense stick or the flame from a candle to check for leaks in your home. To do this, you should first close all of your doors and windows. Next, close all of the vents and dampers. Turn on the exhaust fans in your bathrooms and kitchen. Then, pass the lighted incense or candle near the windows. The smoke or flame will move noticeably if air is coming in from outside.
3. Shake the Window: Another way to determine whether your windows are leaking is to gently shake the part of the window that slides. If the window rattles or can be shaken loosely in its track, there are probably leaks in that area.
4. Shake the Frame: You can also shake the exterior frame of a window. A frame that moves readily when positioned in the framed opening is likely a cause of leaking air.
5. Get an Air Detector: If you would prefer to use a specially designed device, you might purchase or borrow an air detector. You would simply turn on the detector, and point it in the direction of a window. If the window is leaking air, a light will flash to alert you. The light should be blue if cold air is leaking and red if warm air is escaping.

Talk to the Pros at Your Trusted Source for Ottawa Windows

Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors is dedicated to helping Ottawa residents find the best windows for their homes. When you get quality windows and proper installation, you will not need to worry about leaks for a long time. However, leaks can manifest in even the highest quality windows. If you have discovered leaks in or around your windows, you might want to get them sealed by a professional.

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