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Choosing Front Door Styles

Replacing your home’s front door is definitely exciting, but can also easily become overwhelming due to the huge variety of styles, colours and security options available to choose from. Remember, your front door is the first impression visitors have of your home - make that impression count!

Tips on Choosing a Front Entrance Door

Front entrance doors come in an assortment of options but, to help you narrow it down, you will need to consider material, size, colour, style and hardware.

  1. Material - Front doors are made from many different materials. Steel is by far one of the strongest, but it can become hot to the touch if your door is exposed to direct sunlight. Wood is a more classic material that is durable and strong, but prone to warping, especially if it is not well cared for. Fiberglass or composite is another option and these doors are virtually maintenance-free, even in our harsh Canadian weather. These doors carry the longest manufacturer warranties, but do not offer the same aesthetic appeal as wood.
  2. Size - Not all front entries are “standard.” If your home does not have a standard size entryway, you made need an extra wide or extra tall front door, or perhaps even double doors.
  3. Style - The front door should match architecturally with the rest of your home, but that does not mean you cannot use the opportunity to make a statement about your design preferences and unique personality. Doors come in vintage, contemporary, traditional and even modern looks. Some will feature stained glass, etching, window inserts, metal or even a grille.
  4. Colour - The colour is important, and there is nothing wrong with adding a splash of colour to your front entrance. Steel doors often have the colour factory-baked into the finish; therefore, you will have to choose the colour before the door is even ordered. Wooden doors can always be re-stained or re-painted, but you still want to order your door in the colour you initially want. Colour trends come and go, but some popular options include black, brown, natural wood, white, dark navy blue, green, red and yellow.
  5. Hardware - Door hardware consists of everything from handles and hinges, to locks and peep holes. Your hardware should match not only the door style, but the architectural style of the home, as well.

Enlist the Professional Help of Our Door Installation Experts

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