How to Choose Replacement Windows—Focus on Form and Function

When you need to replace the windows in your home, you must take many details into consideration. Style and functionality are often two of the top concerns for homeowners. In order to ensure your satisfaction when the job is done, you should certainly consider these two factors, as well as several others.

The team at Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors takes great pleasure in helping you make the right choices. Our customers will vouch for that! Windows are an important feature of your home, and we want you to be happy with the end result. We can guide you through the entire process if you like, starting with making the best selection for your household. 

Here are the top factors you might think about when deciding which replacement windows you want for your Ottawa home:
• Styles: The style of window you choose should reflect your individual taste, along with the design style of your home. Your window style should also be compatible with other features. If you have a window air conditioner, for example, then a single-hung tilt-in window would probably be ideal. If you seek a panoramic view of the surrounding area, a picture fixed style would likely provide you with the result you desire.
• Air Leakage Rate: The windows you have installed in your home should offer a low air leakage rate. This rate defines the degree of air that seeps through the tiny cracks and joints in a window, and a lower rate is the goal. While many vinyl windows offer an average air leakage rate of .30, some double-hung windows offer a rate as low as .02. If you experience a climate such as that of Ottawa, which is typically cold in the winter and warm and humid in the summer, a lower air leakage rate could save you money on your energy bills.
• Relevant Options: Primary features or added options can be a selling point in windows, but be sure that those features relate to your needs. Windows that tilt inward can be a good choice if you live on a second floor and wash them yourself. Triple glazing might sound inviting, but it is not generally necessary unless you live in frigid climate. Always consider your own circumstances instead of being swayed by an advertisement.
• Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: The solar heat gain coefficient rating refers to the level of solar radiation that can penetrate a window pane. Generally, a number lower than .30 is better because that means the window allows less solar heat indoors. When the summertime temperatures are at their highest, your windows will be working in your favor.
• Your Contractor: Do not overlook the importance of choosing an experienced windows contractor. The company you work with should have a showroom that enables you to view the options. Your contractor should be willing to provide superior service not only before your purchase, but after the sale has been made, as well. The contractor should carry liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance for installers. When you are considering window replacement and installation for your Ottawa home, all of these factors will have an effect on your overall experience. They may also affect your usage and enjoyment of your windows for many years to come.

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