How to Choose the Right Privacy Door for Your Home

Choosing your entry and exterior doors is an important decision that will set the tone for your entire home. Entry doors are a major focal point of your home and are often the feature that people notice and form first impressions. In addition to aesthetics, you want to make sure you select a door that can withstand daily use and will not be susceptible to the natural elements. Fortunately, we supply a wide variety of high-quality door systems that will meet your level of preferred privacy, while still maintaining the unique character of your home.

We carry a vast selection of doors that are not only beautiful but also bring safety to your home. Decorative door glass can add style and curb appeal to your entryway and also serve to increase or decrease your level of privacy. Use the guide below to understand the difference between door glass privacy levels so you can choose the right door for your home: 

Maximum Privacy: Our collection of maximum privacy doors are made to keep prying eyes out of your home. These doors will leave you with a better sense of security and are an excellent option if you want to keep your interiors secluded. Our maximum privacy doors consist of one to two sections of highly decorative glass panels which obscure the view into your home. Typically, viewers will only be able to see interior shadows and colours with this type of door.
Medium Privacy: If you are more keen to maintain a little bit of your privacy but still be able to see outside, then our collection of medium privacy doors are the best option for you. Medium privacy decorative glass is not as opaque as maximum privacy doors but still features textures that will help enhance the privacy of your home. With this type of door, the interior of your home will be partially obscured from viewers.
Low Privacy: These doors will let you see what is happening outside of your home and let in more natural light. Keep in mind, if you have areas in your home such as wood floors and rugs that are sensitive to light, then it makes sense to select a glazing that resists UV rays. The decorative glass on low privacy doors has minimal texture and viewers will be able to see right through it.

If you are considering decorative glass doors for your home, you no longer have to worry about sacrificing your privacy. There are many benefits to installing these types of doors, as they are not just for keeping out wandering eyes. You can keep bugs or other little critters out of your home too, without sacrificing natural light and the views of your surrounding neighbourhood.

Discover our Selection of Privacy Doors in Ottawa
We carry only the best options for maximum, medium, and low privacy doors for your home in Ottawa. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will carefully listen to your privacy needs and assess which door type is right for you. In addition to our privacy door options, we offer a variety of custom-styled exterior doors, front doors, French doors, and more. All of our doors are made from the highest quality of materials. Rest assured that our custom doors are designed for durability and reliability through all of Ottawa’s extreme weather conditions; and each come with a lifetime guarantee.

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