Clean Your Ottawa Windows

How to Clean Your Ottawa Windows Like A Pro

When windows are covered with dust, grime, and debris, it limits the natural sunlight in your home and can even give your interior a murky feeling. Typically, household windows in Ottawa are cleaned twice per year, but many homeowners put off this task. After all, the idea of scrubbing all your windows means spending a day or two on a single chore.

While window washing seems like a hassle, in most cases home windows in Ottawa are being washed the wrong way. Once you familiarize yourself with how the professionals do it, you might find the chore is not as time-consuming or laborious. 

Here is what the team at Canadian Comfort recommends for cleaning your windows and doors:

● Use the Right Tools: You do not need any fancy spray systems or expensive tool sets to wash your windows. In fact, all you need is a rubber squeegee, a scrubber, and a bucket. For cleaning, liquid dish soap or handwashing soap is fine, and a few lint-free towels for drying.
● Have Extra Squeegee Blades: Squeegee blades can become easily warped or knicked after just a few windows. Once this happens, the edge does not run smoothly across the surface. Therefore, you want to have a few extra rubber blades handy so that you can change yours as needed, and keep the finish streak-free.
● Start by Scrubbing the Glass: Scrub the glass with your scrubber, making sure you get all angles of the window. It is easiest to work in a horizontal pattern across the window to ensure you get all zones.
● Squeegee the Soap and Water: Angle your squeegee against the glass and start at the top corner of the window. Clean a narrow strip moving horizontally. Then, wipe the squeegee on the lint-free towel and go over another row. Do not use your squeegee on the entire window without wiping it clean, otherwise, you will see the tell-tale streaks.
● Overlap: Even though you have cleaned a section of the window, you want a two-inch overlay as you continue using the squeegee to remove the soapy water from the window. This prevents the water from seeping away from the squeegee and leaving lines on your window.
● Wipe Down: After you have removed the soapy water with your squeegee, the next step is to wipe the perimeter of the window with a lint-free cloth.
● Repeat on the Inside: After you have done this on the exterior of your windows and doors, the next step is to repeat it on the inside. The same method works on interior and exterior windows and doors.

Is it Time for a Window Replacement in Ottawa?

Over the years, your windows will etch away, lose lustre, and eventually need a replacement. If the seals have broken, you have signs of water damage, or your windows are a few decades old, it might be time to replace them. Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors offer professional window installation in Ottawa, and we carry the latest energy-efficient models so that you get the most out of your window upgrade.

Get an estimate for your new Ottawa windows and doors by speaking with a representative at Canadian Comfort. Call us at 613-727-9387, or schedule an appointment online.