How to Reduce Condensation on the Windows of Your Ottawa Home

You may not be bothered by the sight of condensation on your windows, but that excess moisture could actually cause expensive damage to your home. Condensation can be harmful to plaster, and it may rot wood surfaces and features, such as moulding. This type of moisture may also wreak havoc with the paint or wallpaper in your home.

The staff members at Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors can offer tips on taking care of the replacement windows in your Ottawa home. One way to maintain your windows is to minimize the presence of moisture that may accumulate on them. Whether you choose Gentek or North Star windows, this kind of maintenance will help them last for as long as possible.

These are a few proven techniques for reducing condensation on windows:

● Use Fans: Any fan can be a useful tool when you want to decrease the moisture in your home. When you use water in the bathroom or kitchen, be sure to run the fan for at least 15 minutes after you are done. This will help to lessen the amount of moisture buildup that results from cooking, showering, and doing the dishes. You might also want to place fans near the windows and run them periodically.
● Avoid Stuffing Closets and Cupboards: When you overstuff spaces such as cupboards and closets, you are minimizing the amount of air being circulated. This can lead to too much moisture in your environment, and you might soon begin to see condensation on the windows.
● Check the Crawl Spaces: Keeping the crawl spaces well ventilated is also important. You might need to hire a professional to check these for you. They could contain obstructions that are preventing the air from circulating properly. Also, keep your attic and basement adequately ventilated to reduce moisture.
● Remove or Adjust the Humidifier: If your home is too damp and you have a humidifier, it may be time to unplug this device. You might not need to get rid of your humidifier altogether though. Experiment with the settings, and you could find the perfect balance between keeping your home humidified and accumulating too much moisture.
● Get Better Windows: The problem could be with the windows themselves. If your windows are old, you may want to think about an upgrade. Double pane windows can aid in keeping excess moisture outside where it belongs.

Consult a Trusted Local Company when Selecting Your Ottawa Windows

Getting new windows installed is an investment in the future and efficiency of your home. Once you have quality windows, you will need to keep them in top condition. By taking steps to reduce the level of condensation indoors, you may ensure that your windows and other features stay in good shape. This will help to lower your energy bills, and it will prevent the need to replace items such as wallpaper and wood moulding. Do not hesitate to consult us for more tips on caring for your windows.

We will assist you in finding the best windows for your Ottawa home. Feel free to call us at 613-727-9387, or book an appointment online.