How to Style Your Porch in One Weekend

As a homeowner, you want your house to look its best. But, home improvement projects can be long and complicated. When you want to spruce up your house, but you don't want to undertake an entire renovation, try focusing on your front porch for a weekend.

Your front porch introduces the rest of your house and provides your guests with a first impression of your living space. By styling your front porch, you give your whole house a virtual facelift.

Here's how to give your porch a makeover in two days.

What to Do on Saturday

Start your porch project on Saturday by taking care of painting, polishing, and repairs. A little cleaning and some small fixes will go a long way to improving your porch.

Wash Windows
When was the last time you washed your front windows? Windows get dirty, but you often overlook them when you clean. The first step to a clean porch is a clean front window.

While you clean the windows, inspect your window seals to see if you should repair or replace anything. Cracked or broken seals don't help your porch's aesthetic, and they cause air leakage in your house.

Sweep Floor
Sweep the floor of your porch and wash it with a hose or mop. Now you have a clean surface, and your porch already looks better.

Paint Trim and Railings
Homeowners often underestimate the power of paint as a decorating tool. A fresh coat of paint livens outdoor spaces, and you can paint over it when you want a change. You also won't have to pay as much for paint as you would for other home improvement techniques.

Before you paint your trim and railings, repair any minor damage. Then remove any dirt with a hose before you get started. Paint trim and railings with an appropriate outdoor primer; then put on the finishing coat of fresh paint.

You might also consider painting your front door. This will take you longer because you have to remove the door from its hinges and find a place to lay it flat and let it dry.

Clean/Replace Door Hardware
Get rid of that scratched or wobbly doorknob and replace it with a shiny new one. If you have a doorknocker, make sure it's not broken.

If your door hardware doesn't need replacing, then give it a good polish.

Clean/Replace Light Fixtures
Have you had the same light fixtures for 20 years? If so, you likely need new ones. Light fixtures are a small addition with a big impact on your porch.

If you want to keep your existing fixtures, then polish them and make sure all the light bulbs work.

Paint/Patch Furniture
Porch furniture has to endure tough weather and hard use. Consequently, it often ends up faded and broken. To improve the look of your porch, make sure your furniture is in good condition. Patch holes in the upholstery. If you have wood furniture, see if it needs a new coat of paint.

What to Do on Sunday

Sunday is your style day. Now that you have a clean, freshly-painted porch, consider how you want to introduce your house to visitors. Your porch should reflect your personality. You can use several decorating tools to achieve the perfect look.

Your mat can say a lot about you. Do you prefer an elegant monogrammed mat in neutral colors or a flashy mat with a funny saying? You can also switch out doormats to reflect the current season.

If you have a large porch and want to go beyond doormats, buy an outdoor rug. Rugs cover more space and give your porch a homey feel.

Potted Plants/Flowers
Bring some life to your porch with potted plants and flowers. You can buy large urns with big blooms or plants to create a dramatic effect. Alternatively, you can put several small pots all around your porch for a more eclectic feel.

Outdoor Art
When you think of outdoor art, sculptures come to mind. Small sculptures can work on your porch, and they'll introduce visitors to your personal taste.

You can also buy paintings made to hang outside. These art pieces give your house a unique look.

If you don't already have porch furniture, add some. In warm weather, a big porch can function as a second living room with a loveseat. Even smaller porches can often support a simple rocking chair.

If you already have furniture, consider adding to your collection. An outdoor coffee table or side table will extend your living space outside. You can also add outdoor lamps for reading into the evening.

With these suggestions, you can give your porch a facelift in a weekend. For more ideas on styling your porch, and complementing your new windows and doors, contact the experts at Canadian Comfort today!

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