How Windows in Your Ottawa Home Shrink and Expand Space

You have finally settled into your dream home, only to find that certain rooms are smaller than you would prefer. Small rooms can pose an interesting challenge in regards to decorating and creating a space that feels larger than it is in reality. Fortunately, replacing or installing new windows in your Ottawa home play a key part in creating the illusion of a larger space.

Creating more space in a small room is not an impossible task. In order to find a solution, you must identify the factors that make your room feel smaller than it actually is: 

Small Windows: Small windows do not provide proper ventilation or let in enough natural light. Unfortunately, both of these elements play an important role in creating the feeling of a larger space.
Bulky Furniture: Large pieces of furniture are often used to fill in the space of a room. However, these pieces can take up a lot of space, resulting in your small room feeling even smaller. Ill-fitting accent pieces can also take away precious square footage.
Clutter: Having a cluttered room guarantees that your space will feel smaller. It is important to minimize objects that will not only make your room feel larger but also emphasise the clean and fresh atmosphere of your home.
Inconsistent Colour Scheme: Too many colours in one room can create the illusion that your room is smaller than it is. Choose one colour to lighten up the walls of your home and create a more open and inviting space.

We know that knocking down walls or adding square footage to your home is not always an option. Follow these simple solutions that will help make your small room feel larger:

Replace your Windows: Replacement windows that are larger will bring in more natural light and enhance the feeling of your small space. Large windows draw your gaze to the surrounding landscape and instantly make your room feel bigger.
Dual Purpose Furniture: In order to conceal clutter, invest in furniture that is both functional and can be used as storage. In addition, avoid buying excess furniture and look for pieces that are sleek and slender.
Take Advantage of Vertical Space: Enhance the volume of your room by using pieces such as bookcases, to draw your eye upward. This simple trick grounds your space and makes your room feel more inviting. Tall bookcases also help to organize and conceal clutter.
Neutral Colour Scheme: Avoid painting your room with dark colours as they will absorb light and create the illusion of a smaller space. Sticking to a softer, neutral colour scheme will make your room appear brighter, larger, and more inviting.

Installing bow or bay windows in your home is a guaranteed way to make your small rooms feel a lot larger. These windows offer an extremely wide view, making your room feel much more spacious and inviting. Bow and bay windows not only bring in extra light but they also add depth and dimension to any room. What’s more, bay windows are often paired with a nook for cozy seating and even extra storage space.

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Increasing your sense of space in the smaller rooms of your home does not require extensive renovations. With a few simple decorating tricks, storage solutions, and window replacements, you can create a larger space without sacrificing a lot of time, energy, and money. We offer reliable window installation and replacement in Ottawa and are happy to provide you with an assortment of window types for your small spaces.

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