Insulating Your Patio Doors

Keeping your home temperate and energy efficient is an ongoing process. You may improve one area of your home, only to realize later that another section is not as energy efficient as it could be. As long as you address issues like this as you find them, you will continue to work toward a greener home overall. 

Many of our customers are concerned with the environment, and at Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors, we certainly encourage this trend. However, even if you are not particularly interested in maintaining a home that is as green as possible, you certainly do want to keep your energy bills low. You can achieve this objective in a variety of ways, and ensuring proper insulation is one of them. You may have already begun to insulate your doors and windows for winter. Do not forget to insulate your patio doors too.

The following points address why your patio doors should be insulated, as well as how to do this properly: 

● Losing Heat: Many patio doors are made of glass, and glass doors can be an attractive feature of any home. They allow plenty of natural light to make its way indoors, which can immediately brighten a room. Patio doors may also provide a lovely view of your backyard, landscaping, or garden. Unfortunately, doors made of glass can also be a significant source of heat loss in the winter. This will lead to higher energy bills, but you can take steps to prevent that from happening.
● Weather-stripping: You can install weather-stripping around many kinds of doors and windows, including a variety of patio doors. Weather-stripping is an inexpensive way to seal drafty areas, making it an excellent method of insulating your home from the cold.
● Sweeps: Door sweeps will also help to keep the cold air from seeping through the bottom area of your doors. This is another product that is inexpensive and easy to install.
● Window Treatments: During the wintertime, you might consider window treatments designed to keep extreme temperatures outdoors. Insulated curtains can be used to accessorize your patio doors while protecting your home from drafts. You can open the curtains during the daytime when the sun is shining, and close them at night or on particularly grey days.
● Caulk: Remember to caulk any cracks or other openings around the doors. Older homes may develop cracks in the walls, doors, and windowsills. If you see cracks around the perimeter of your patio doors, use caulk to seal them.
● Maintain the Tracks: If you have sliding glass doors adjacent to your patio, keep the tracks of the doors clean. Any dirt, rocks, gravel, or debris that accumulates in them could inhibit the doors from closing properly. You may not notice this, but it means that drafty air can make its way inside your home.

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One of the most effective ways to increase energy efficiency is to have new windows or doors installed. If your old patio doors are letting in too much cold air in the winter, replacing them could be the best option. Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors is proud to feature patio doors from North Star and Gentek. Both manufacturers offer products designed with maximum energy efficiency in mind.

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