Insulation Solutions: Insulating Your Windows to Keep the Elements Outdoors

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home can be costly, especially when the weather outside is extreme. One way to promote a temperate indoor environment is to insulate your windows. You might be surprised by the strategies you can employ to accomplish this. 

At Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors, we encourage you to get the most from your windows. Whether that means insulating them or making an upgrade, we are always delighted to assist you in finding innovative solutions.

Consider these methods for keeping the weather outdoors and the indoor temperature comfortable: 

● Caulk and Weather-strip: The first step you might take is to apply caulk to any cracks and holes in the windowsills, as well as in the rest of the window casings. This will help to keep moisture and drafty air from making their way inside your home. Then, apply weather-stripping to further insulate the windows.
● Energy Film: Energy-efficient window film is a useful tool for keeping your home at the temperature you want without consuming too much power in the winter and summer. This kind of film blocks infrared radiation from passing through the windows. That means in the wintertime, the heat inside your home will be blocked from leaking out through the window glass. In the summer, the film will prevent the outdoor heat from passing through to the indoors.
● Thermal Curtains: By hanging curtains on your windows, you can decorate your home while also blocking out the outdoor temperatures. You may even buy curtains designed to insulate your windows. They serve as a shield from extreme cold or heat, and they are made in a broad range of styles and colours. These are also referred to as thermal curtains because they come with thermal backing. If you prefer, you can sew extra backing on your curtains to provide added insulation.
● Cellular Shades: These are also called pleated shades and honeycomb shades. The pleats work to lock dead air in their open spaces before it can seep into your home. These shades come in numerous hues and designs, and they also allow for some light to come through when they are in use.
● Shutters: Shutters may be installed on the interior or exterior of your home, or both. Exterior shutters offer extra protection against storms, and as an added bonus, they may even help to deter intruders.
● Upgrade: You can insulate your windows in a variety of ways, but if they are old, it might just be time for an upgrade. Getting modern windows installed can help to increase the energy efficiency of your Ottawa home. This strategy could be far more effective than using window treatments to insulate your space.

Replacement Windows in Ottawa

If your old windows seem to be a major source of energy loss, talk to one of our staff members about replacing them. Both Gentek and North Star make high quality, energy-efficient windows.
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