Is There a "Best Time" of Year to Replace Your Windows?

So you've seen the light and are ready to move forward with replacing your windows. The next decision should be, when? There are various factors that you'll need to consider, taking into account your home improvement timeline, seasonality and cost.


Before you can install the windows, you need to undertake the important steps of measuring, selecting and ordering your windows. This process can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks or more, depending on how many windows you require and what styles. The actual installation can take a few days to a week, again, depending on how large your home is and how many windows you are replacing.

So, let's work backwards. If you want your extended family gathered in your warm and festive living room over the winter holidays while the snow falls gently outside your gorgeous new bay windows, you'll need to leave yourself enough time to make that dream a reality.


Generally speaking, the mild, dry conditions of late spring and summer are best for window installations. However, it also means that professional window installers will be very busy. If you're ok with waiting a few extra weeks to get an appointment, that's great, but if you do have a home improvement work-back schedule then it's best to book well in advance.

That's not to say that window installations can't take place in fall or winter. While there are added challenges with harsher weather conditions (for example, caulking may not set as well if there is substantial moisture from rain, snow or ice), a professional will be well trained in how to properly and safely install your windows, with minimal exposure to the elements. Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors, for example, is committed to ensuring an attractive look and professional service, with a 10-year labour guarantee on all installations.

Another bonus to fall or winter installations is that you'll likely be able to book an installation right away- an important factor if you just can't bear the thought of yet another drafty Ottawa winter in your poorly insulated home, or need to quickly put your home on the market and want to make any necessary home improvements first, to maximize your investment.


While window prices do tend to remain consistent year-round, specials and discounts do pop-up from time to time. If you can afford to wait (both from a time and comfort level), then it's recommended to have done your pre-work (measurements, research into types and styles of windows you'd like to order) in advance. Most specials are time-limited, meaning that you'll need to take advantage of them sooner rather than later.

Window Installation in Ottawa
Overwhelmed by all your options? Don't be. If you’re in the Ottawa area, contact or visit Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors to receive a free quote for your window replacement and installation. We have a huge selection of window styles and can offer advice on the windows that best suit your home, budget and timelines.

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