Passive Heating Strategies that Work

At Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors, we are proud to help area residents build greener homes. We also support the efforts of homeowners who wish to make eco-friendly upgrades to their homes. By using green building materials and purchasing energy efficient products, you can do your part to benefit the environment. This is also a way to save money on your monthly energy bills, which is a top priority for many of our customers.

Building passive homes is a practice that can save homeowners money. This building trend also helps to conserve natural resources, which is increasingly becoming a necessity. A passive home is one designed to maintain a consistently comfortable temperature without the use of conventional heating and cooling equipment. Although you might not want to relocate to such a home, you can employ passive heating strategies in the home you live in now.

Here are some effective passive heating strategies worth considering:
• Harness the Power of the Sun: One way to maximize the heat from sunlight is to allow as much natural light in your home as possible during the coldest months. By letting the sunlight warm the interior of your home, you are literally harnessing solar power. Once your home is warmed from sunlight, its warmth may endure for hours. You can implement this strategy regularly by having large windows installed that face the sun from the south.
• Seal the Leaks: Leaks in your doors and windows can let much of the warm air escape outside. This does not help your home to remain temperate in the winter. Have a professional inspect your windows and doors for potential leaks, and then, get those areas sealed as quickly as possible. Windows should be weatherized with caulking and weather-stripping.
• Clean the Windows – You might not be aware of how much sunlight may be lost due to dirty windows. Even if your windows do not appear to be very dirty, a layer of dust could impede your efforts to use sunlight to heat your home. Be sure to keep your windows as clean as possible at all times. If you clean them yourself, you could benefit from getting tilt-in windows that are easier to wash from inside your home.
• Insulation – While you probably have insulation installed in the walls, did you know that windows can be insulated, as well? This is one of the leading advantages of getting double-pane windows. Outdoor air gets trapped between the panes, so it does not make its way into your home.

You might not have the money or the desire to move into a passive home. This does not mean that you cannot apply passive heating strategies to keep your home comfortable throughout the coldest months. By making use of some of the most effective techniques, you could transform a normally drafty home into one that keeps you warm all winter. You can even do this without raising your heating bills. The team at Canadian Comfort is always willing to help you explore energy efficient strategies for your household.

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