Purchasing New Windows Before Winter

Old windows could cost you more than you may expect. In fact, you might be surprised to learn all the ways that your family may benefit from window replacement for your Ottawa home. Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors offers a spectacular collection of replacement windows

Do you know the best time of year to replace your old windows? If you have not changed them already, doing so before winter could help you to save money in several ways. Do not wait until spring to get your new windows installed.

Consider these compelling reasons to replace your old windows with new ones: 

● Toxic Material: Many older windows may have frames and windowsills coated in lead paint. This paint is toxic, especially for children, elderly people, individuals with compromised immune systems, and animals. The damp, cold months of winter may cause the paint to peel, making it even more of a threat to those who are vulnerable. Instead of breathing in lead paint fumes all winter, consider having replacement windows with safer materials installed in your home.
● Shattering Glass: The older that a window is, the more brittle it may become. When wind, rain, snow, sleet, and hail beat against your windows, you will want them to be as durable as possible. Only by getting new windows can you be sure that they will withstand such weather, as well as extremely cold temperatures. A shattered window in the wintertime can be damaging to your home, and costly.
Energy Conservation: Old windows can be drafty, and that could cost you a great deal in higher heating bills. If your windows are over 15 years old, it is time to replace them. Do not wait another winter season to replace those old windows. You can start saving money now by increasing the energy efficiency of your home with new windows. We sell Gentek windows and North Star windows, and both are designed to promote energy conservation.
● Providing Value: While new windows offer many advantages, including saving money, they may also increase the value of your home. By making your home more attractive, they could enable you to raise your selling price if your home is on the market. Because the newest models are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, they will also greatly increase the appeal of your home to prospective buyers.
● Protection from Intruders: When your windows are old, intruders may find it easier to break into your home. Be sure to secure your new windows with the best hardware possible, so burglars will realize that trying to get inside your home is not worth the effort. They will not see weak spots on the exterior, such as cracks in the frame or the glass, and they may move on to less complicated prospects. This could be an invaluable strategy if you plan to take a vacation this winter.

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Now that you know why replacing old windows before winter is advisable, you can begin shopping for them. The Canadian Comfort team is always ready to assist.

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