Remodeling Ideas: What’s Trending in Ottawa Windows

Doing a home remodel is exciting. You can finally get rid of any noticeably outdated design features that have bothered you for years. If you are remodeling a property you recently purchased, you can redesign to make the space your own. 

An important feature to remember when remodeling is the windows. If your windows are old and not energy inefficient, now is the perfect time to replace them. If your new home’s windows do not match your style preferences, they can be adapted to meet your vision beautifully. At Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors, we are always delighted to help you update your windows. We are the leader in window replacement and installation in the Ottawa area.

These are a few of the top Ottawa window trends for home remodelers:
• Energy Efficiency: Energy efficient windows remain at the top of the list for home remodelers. Conserving our natural resources is more important than ever, and installing energy efficient windows is one way to accomplish that. While energy conservation may be a major motivating factor for many individuals, saving money on energy costs is also a top motivator for homeowners.
• Vinyl: Vinyl windows continue to supersede wood windows for an assortment of reasons. They are more cost effective, and they are also more energy efficient than wood. They come in many varieties, so they offer versatility to the home remodeler.
• Open Wide: Large windows that open wide are another recent trend worth considering. They can help to create the illusion of more space, so they may especially complement a smaller area. You might even wish to install windows that offer a panoramic view of the landscape nearby your home. Large windows also allow more natural light to make its way into your Ottawa home.
• Bay and Bow Styles: Bay windows and bow windows add a new element to your interior design style. They also look charming from the exterior, so they are ideal if you are trying to increase curb appeal. They complement almost any architectural design, so they will not compromise the integrity of your home’s original architecture.
• At the Top: Another way to increase the amount of natural light is to add windows to the roof. Skylights impart a sense of modern elegance that fits well in any home. The light that emanates from a skylight can also make your home appear more spacious.
• Near the Top: You might want to add windows over the doors. Transom windows come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so they give you an opportunity to express your style while maximizing the height and width of a particular wall. You can also have transom windows installed above windows.
• In the Doors: Many homeowners are choosing to replace some of their windows with French doors. This can be a particularly lovely choice for windows that look out onto a patio. Patio doors comprising windows enable you to fully enjoy the scenery. An added bonus is that, by their very nature, they always create the illusion of more space.

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