Sandwich Windows: What They Are and Why You Need Them

If you are a homeowner, you may be aware that not all walls are built alike. If you have ever observed the building process, you are even more likely to be aware of this fact. A growing trend in the construction industry is to build with “sandwich walls.” You might even find that your current or future home was constructed with this kind of wall.

The Canadian Comfort team is always happy to assist area property owners and builders in finding the right windows and doors for their Ottawa and Nepean properties. If you own a property or are building one with sandwich walls, you will certainly benefit from adding some windows. These “sandwich windows” may serve to complement the property in a variety of ways.

Here are some useful points about sandwich panels, as well as the advantages of installing windows in sandwich walls:

● Sandwich Walls: Before you explore the benefits of installing windows in your sandwich walls, you will need to have a clear concept of what this type of wall is. A sandwich wall or panel is made from three layers of materials, which is the characteristic that gives it the name. The inner core is made from a low-density material, and it is sandwiched between twin thin layers on either side.
● Benefits of Sandwich Panels: This type of panel is useful in situations where a low weight is required, but where rigidity of structure is also desirable. These panels offer thermal resistance and acoustic insulation, and they are used to create buildings that are watertight and airtight.
Growing Popularity: Originally, this kind of wall was used primarily for industrial buildings, but they increased in popularity in the last several years. As the design and assembly process associated with sandwich panels has evolved, they have become more widely used for other types of buildings.
● Sandwich Windows: Buildings without windows lack aesthetics and functionality. By installing windows in your sandwich walls, you will create a space that is far more appealing to its occupants.
● Possibilities: Sandwich windows might be installed for an array of purposes. In a home, windows might be installed in both exterior and interior sandwich walls. Windows in the interior walls could create an architectural aesthetic that would make an excellent selling point. In business and industrial buildings, windows could be added to both external and internal sandwich walls, as well. This addition might serve the needs of workers and management, and it could also be beneficial to customers when applicable.

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