Energy efficient windows

The Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows in Harsh Canadian Winters

Window technology has changed significantly over the years. Homeowners now have the capability to choose from a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes and materials to accommodate their specific budget. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, window efficiency has become a top priority for many, especially during Ontario’s cold frigid winters.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of energy efficiency windows and how they can help improve your winter comfort

  • Cost Savings: Undoubtedly, Ontario’s long winter season can result in higher heating bills. If you have old, worn windows, you may have noticed that they are the source of significant heat loss, discomfort and increased condensation. By installing energy efficient windows, you can increase your home’s efficiency and save money on your utility bill. Windows with a low U-factor can reduce air leakage and condensation and potentially save you up to 25% on your heating costs. 
  • Reduced heating/cooling loads for your home. Energy efficient windows can reduce your home’s peak heating and cooling loads as well, which is how much heating or cooling your home can sustain at one time. This will help you determine what size furnace and heat pump you need to install. Energy efficient windows can actually help qualify you for a smaller furnace in your house, which can contribute to lower energy usage in the winter and save you money. 
  • Increased comfort. Windows that are inadequately insulated will have a cold glass surface in the winter, which can cause unpleasant drafts. Energy efficient windows with a low U-factor have warmer glass surfaces and are designed with tight seals to prevent air leakage and enhance your home’s thermal comfort. 
  • Less condensation and frosting. Older windows that are poorly insulated are prone to condensation and frost, which can build up during the winter. If your window frames are made of wood, this could potentially mean expensive mold and rot problems. You can forget about types of issues with energy efficient windows because of their warmer glass surfaces and efficiently insulated frames, which keep the cold air out. 
  • Better lighting. With energy efficient windows, tinted glazing or window shades that reduce solar radiation are a thing of the past. Today’s advanced window technologies can protect your home from unwanted cool air in the winter months without limiting your lighting capabilities. When shopping around for new, energy efficient windows, look for low-E coating, or high-performance tints to enhance both your home’s lighting and visibility. 

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