The benefits of vinyl windows in your home

When deciding what type of windows to buy for your home, there are a few important factors you need to consider. One of these factors is the type of frame. Window frames come in a variety of materials including wood, aluminum, fibreglass and most notably, vinyl. Choosing vinyl windows comes with a number of benefits that will make your home more functional and attractive. At Canadian Comfort Windows and Doors, we offer the best in window design and installation and only offer vinyl windows. Let us walk you through some of the many benefits of using vinyl windows in your home.

They’re energy efficient

Vinyl windows are made out of a material known as PVC. This material expands and contracts based on whatever temperature its being exposed to, which in turn helps to optimize the insulation of your home. While vinyl frames are already widely known for being energy efficient, they’re now produced with pocketed frames engineered to trap air and thereby increase insulation even further. Couple this type of frame with Energy Star window panes—which can protect against and reduce the amount of UV rays entering your home—and you have a complete energy-saving package.

They increase the value of your home
Selling your home is difficult as it is. These days, it’s important to pay attention to every single detail that might entice a buyer’s interest. Installing new windows in your home will allow you to command a much higher price when it comes time to sell. An informed buyer will recognize the benefit of having vinyl windows in their house and will gladly pay a premium to have them pre-installed and avoid the hassle of having to hire a contractor after the sale is made. Homeowners who decide to install vinyl windows can expect a decent return on their investment when it comes time to sell.

They’re easier to maintain

Frames made of wood or aluminum require much more attention than vinyl window frames. Vinyl windows don’t deteriorate as fast and are far easier to clean than other varieties. They’re easily spiffed up with a simple combination of soap and water. In contrast, wooden frames require far more maintenance (regular staining or painting and occasional sanding) to keep them in decent condition.

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