Tools and Materials You'll Need for a DIY Aluminum Siding Installation in Ottawa

Installing aluminum siding is a great project for experienced and motivated do-it-yourselfers to tackle on their own. Most of the necessary tools are familiar to DIYers and are easy to come by in home hardware stores. Plus, you can buy complete aluminum siding systems in Ottawa from the professional aluminum siding, window, and door supplier: Canadian Comfort.

Here is a complete list of the tools you'll need for do-it-yourself aluminum siding installation in Ottawa:

Common Carpentry Tools
As with most DIY home projects, you'll need some basic materials and hand tools in order to properly install aluminum siding. This includes items such as a heavy duty hammer, a tape measure, safety goggles, a square, chalk line, a level, a sturdy step ladder, and a sharp utility knife.

Circular Saw or Radial-arm Saw

Though you can cut your aluminum siding with a utility knife or a scoring tool, the installation will go much more quickly with the use of a radial-arm or circular saw. Use either a saw that was specifically made to cut aluminum siding or one with 12 to 16 teeth per inch.

Snap-lock Punch

A snap-lock punch is an important tool for cutting lugs or ears into your finishing course of aluminum siding so that it can lock into place with the trim.

Aluminum Nails

Aluminum siding should only be fastened with aluminum nails. The best type of nail for the job is generally going to be a 4D (1 1/2-inch) nail.

Backerboard or Wall Sheathing

Aluminum siding shouldn't be applied directly to the wall framing, but either over a weather-resistant 1/4-inch sheathing or a 3/8-inch foam backerboard.

Aluminum Siding

Finally, in order to complete your aluminum siding project, you will, of course, require the aluminum siding itself. To ensure the quality of your materials, you'll want to go to a trusted and experienced supplier of windows, doors, and aluminum siding in Ottawa. Numerous contractors and homeowners in the greater Ottawa area choose the assured quality and friendly service of Canadian Comfort's Vinyl and Aluminum Warehouse in Ottawa.

A member of the Better Business Bureau, the Vinyl and Aluminum Warehouse offer the largest showroom for aluminum siding, windows and doors in Ottawa. If you're already going through the trouble of DIY aluminum siding installation, then you'll want to choose from the widest and best selection of materials available.

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