Why You Should Consider Upgrading Your Door Hardware

The hardware on your Ottawa doors serves a few important purposes. The door fixtures can complement the style of your door, making it more visually appealing. Solid hardware keeps the door firmly closed, so little ones and pets do not wander outdoors unexpectedly. A secured door also conserves energy by inhibiting warm and cool air from escaping. Perhaps most importantly, quality door fixtures can prevent intruders from getting into your home. 

Is your door hardware old, falling apart, or out of date? If so, it is probably time for an upgrade. Canadian Comfort offers an inviting supply of fixtures for all of the exterior doors in your Ottawa home.

Here are some of the top reasons to consider an upgrade, as well as some of the options available:

● Home Protection: Security is a top priority for most homeowners. All hardware can weaken and deteriorate over time, and old fixtures must be replaced for optimal home protection. Our multipoint locking systems are made of heavy duty stainless steel, and our traditional deadbolts are also designed to deter unwanted visitors.
● The Latest Technology: Many intruders may know how to circumvent old technology. By upgrading your hardware periodically, you could avoid a preventable break-in. You might choose from some of the latest models in traditional and electronic deadbolts on the market.
● Style Renovation: If you wish to renovate your home but are working with a limited budget, you might need to complete your project in phases. Starting with the door fixtures is easy and affordable. You could replace an outdated style with a newer model in pewter or brushed nickel.
● Curb Appeal: Are you selling your home? Front entrance doors are one of the first details that prospective buyers notice. Create instant curb appeal with upgraded door hardware. Black and brass items are both eye-catching and elegant.

When they view your home, your door is the first thing that invited and uninvited visitors see. You can do much to ensure that you are creating the right impression. Replacement hardware will discourage trespassers from invading your space. New door fixtures will also keep your doors securely closed, so children, pets, and conditioned air cannot get outdoors.

If you want to refurbish the appearance of your home without spending a lot of money, a door hardware upgrade is the perfect strategy. You guests will be impressed, and if you are selling your home, potential buyers will be inspired to take a second look.

View the Possibilities in Door Hardware
Canadian Comfort sells an ample assortment of door hardware. You may select from the latest styles in deadbolts, handles, and multipoint lock systems. No matter what kind of doors you have in your home, you can find all that you need to accessorize them and keep your household safe. We will also help you choose the right fixtures to go with your custom doors in Ottawa. You can ensure that your home is secure while still making it look stylish and welcoming.

Call us at 613-727-9387, and we will be happy to assist you with all of your door hardware needs and concerns. You may also reach us online, and we will contact you soon.