Window Frames: PVC vs. Aluminum vs. Wood

When you choose frames for your windows, you may be initially concerned with the styles of windows you want for your home. This is certainly an essential aspect of the selection process. However, you will also need to choose frames for your windows. Some of the most commonly used frame materials are PVC, aluminum, and wood. Keep reading to learn more about the right choice when considering window installation in Ottawa.

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Consider the following points when shopping for window frames:

• Wood: Wood-framed windows offer aesthetic appeal. If you prefer a natural look for your home, wood frames might fit your preference. Wood can also be painted quite easily, which makes it a versatile choice. Unlike frames made of metal, wood window frames will not rust. However, if wood is left untreated, it can rot or become warped. Wood can also be susceptible to termites and other insects. Wood frames may be more expensive than aluminum or PVC frames. This is especially true of quality wood that does not come with warps or knots.
• Aluminum: Aluminum window frames can be made impact resistant. This can be useful in places that experience high winds and powerful storms. They may complement a variety of architectural styles. Aluminum frames are generally quite durable, and they can be a cost-effective option. They are lightweight, and available in an array of sizes. One of the major disadvantages of using aluminum frames is that they are not as energy efficient as wood and PVC. They also do not offer the level of insulation that wood frames do.
• PVC: PVC is another popular choice for window frames. Like aluminum, PVC is impact resistant and weather resistant. PVC window frames do not need to be painted like wood frames. PVC is a recyclable material, as are wood and aluminum. PVC frames require very little upkeep, so they can save homeowners time and money. PVC does not warp or otherwise change its shape, so it probably will not need to be replaced as often as wood frames might. The primary downside of PVC is that unless you use a high-quality product, it may not offer the aesthetic appeal of wood or metal. Another disadvantage is that poor-quality PVC can be brittle, and it may also become discoloured.

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