Window Treatment Ideas for Summer

The right window treatments can change the mood and style of a room. By changing these decorating elements on a seasonal basis, you may easily create a different look every few months. In the summertime, you should take advantage of the increase in natural light that appears throughout the day. 

If you need replacement windows in Ottawa, now is the time to do that, as well. You can incorporate your new windows with fresh decorative accents. You will feel as though you have stepped into a freshly remodeled room or home.

Consider the following treatment ideas for the windows in your Ottawa home this summer:

● Floor Length Linen: White linen could be the quintessential material of the summer season. It brings to mind warm days spent at the seashore. Bring this feeling indoors with white linen curtains that extend to the floor. If you prefer an earthier tone, use linen in a light, natural hue.
● Flowers: Brighten up unadorned windows with flowers. You can create a unique look by stringing flowers on thick, transparent string or thread. Then, hang them from curtain rods in front of your windows. If you would rather go with a more traditional window treatment, shop for drapery with a bright floral pattern to dress up the room.
● Under the Sea: If you adore the beach but will not have a chance to visit it this summer, hang curtains that are reminiscent of the sand or sea. You could use fabric in a neutral buff tone or a seafoam green hue. To achieve a fun effect, you might alternate the two colors across all of your windows.
● Go Sheer: A sheer material can instantly lend a sense of romantic whimsy to an area. Sheer drapes might be perfect for the bedroom, the living room, or even the dining room. You can create a billowy effect by opening the window and allowing the summer breeze to work its magic. To add a touch of nature to the treatment, you could clip on some added accents at the top. You can buy seashells, pinecones, or silk flowers at your local crafts store.

Have some fun with your window treatments this summer! Tap into your creative spirit, and you will find numerous ways to reflect the season with your window treatments.

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