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Are your windows due for a replacement? If so, you shouldn’t wait to give them an upgrade. Here are five reasons to get windows replaced in summer.


During a standard window installation, your house is left vulnerable to the elements. This is isn’t much of a problem in summer. However, in winter, your house can get chilly. Moreover, there may be scheduling delays due to snowy conditions. REDUCE YOUR ENERGY BILL

If you’re using air conditioning to cool your house, upgrading your windows can go a long way in improving your home’s energy efficiency, especially if your current windows are single-pane. Today’s energy-efficient windows are designed to reduce heat transfer through the glass, keeping the cool air in and hot air out during the summer. Moreover, older windows may have worn seals that allow cool air to escape your home and hot air to sneak in. Professional installation of double-glazed or triple-glazed windows can take a load off your air conditioner and reduce your energy bills. LET THE BREEZE IN

If your windows are difficult to crank open, or don’t open at all, this is another good reason to replace them in summer. This way, you’ll enjoy the fresh air and gentle breezes all season long. ENSURE THE QUALITY OF THE INSTALLATION

Contractors like to install windows in warm weather as this is when caulk sticks best. In colder conditions, there’s a risk of the caulk not adhering well, affecting the quality of the window seal. GET YOUR HOUSE READY FOR WINTER

By replacing windows in summer, you ensure that your home is ready to face the frigid weather ahead. Double-glazed and triple-glazed energy-efficient windows keep the hot air in and the cold air out, making your home nice and toasty during winter and lowering your heating bills. For the highest degree of energy efficiency, be sure to choose windows that are Energy Star rated. ENERGY-EFFICIENT REPLACEMENT WINDOWS IN OTTAWA

Turn to the professionals at Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors for your window installation. We carry high-quality Gentek windows and offer superior installation throughout Ottawa. Contact us to learn more or to request a free estimate.


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