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Windows need to be thoroughly cleaned at least once or twice a year. However, even conscientious upkeep won’t prevent them from wearing out eventually. New windows might be just what your home needs after a long winter.

Here are five reasons to consider replacing your windows this spring. ENJOY THE FRESH AIR

After being cooped up all winter, you’re probably eager to let a warm breeze flow through your home. Unfortunately, that can be quite a challenge if your windows are hard to open. You may be able to resolve the issue by cleaning the tracks. However, if humidity has warped the wooden frame, the window will need to be replaced. Opt for vinyl windows to avoid this problem in the future. PREPARE FOR THE HEAT

Drafty windows aren’t just a problem during the winter. New windows are an effective way to ensure the summer heat stays outside and your air conditioning unit doesn’t get overworked. Take advantage of improved window insulation technology and consider upgrading to a style that provides a weathertight seal such as hopper, casement or awning windows. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF NATURAL LIGHT

The days are getting longer but fogging or condensation between your windowpanes can put a damper on all that natural light. New windows ensure a clear view, a tight seal and protection from water damage. Request an additional low-emissivity, or low-E, coating on the glass to improve the window’s insulation without affecting the amount of natural light that enters your home. PROTECT YOUR HOME

With summer weather comes an increased risk of UV radiation fading the woods, plastics, paints and fabrics in your home. A transparent low-E coating on new windows can effectively shield your curtains and furniture from damaging sun rays. Upgrade to multi-pane windows for additional UV protection as well as soundproofing — a welcome feature if your neighbours enjoy long summer nights outdoors. MAKE THE MOST OF SUMMER

Spring is a great time to complete exterior home renovations. The warmer and dryer weather helps your window contractor get the job done quickly. With one less project on your mind this summer, you can simply enjoy your home’s restored look while you host backyard barbecues or relax by the pool. WINDOW INSTALLATION SERVICES IN OTTAWA

If you’re ready to welcome new windows into your home this spring, the experts at Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors can help. We’re open year-round and offer a 10-year labour guarantee on the installation of our durable, first-rate vinyl windows. To learn more about our products or request an estimate, contact us today.


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