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Toddler playing near sliding doors

Sliding doors can allow you to save space, let more light into your home and increase airflow. They use tracks to glide on and are therefore easy to use. However, since there are a range of different styles, it may be difficult to select the best one for your home. Here are the types of sliding doors you should be familiar with before choosing one.

1. Sliding doors with curtain rods. These doors are perfect for patio entrances, kitchen areas and gardens. They can triple the amount of light in the area of your home where they’re installed. They consist of two doors where one slides over the other so they don’t require wall space. 2. Hanging doors. These sliding doors hang from a rail installed above the entranceway. A good example is barn-door style doors. You’ll need enough wall space for the door to fully open. These doors add character and style to any room they’re in. 3. Double-sliding French doors. These doors combine the elegance and style of French doors with the sliding functionality you need. Great for bedrooms or separating indoor living areas. 4. Wall-sliding doors. Also called pocket doors, this type slides into a compartment located inside the wall. They’re perfect for small spaces with little wall space, such as half-bathrooms and closets. It’s best to get them installed by a professional. 5. Bypass doors. Similar to sliding doors with curtain rods, bypass doors use two panels hung adjacently on parallel tracks. One door slides over the other. This type of sliding door is commonly found in glass showers. In addition, wood and vinyl bypass doors work well for closets. 6. Bi-fold sliding doors. These feature a sliding track that holds a single door that’s hinged in the middle. When you open it, the door folds up to one side. They’re perfect for areas with little to no wall space, such as closets and pantries. Larger bi-fold doors allow you to fold back your door and place it out the way, which can help create an open and airy pathway between your indoor living space and a patio or garden. Your supplier of sliding and patio doors in Ottawa For the largest selection of sliding doors and windows in Ottawa, visit Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors. Whether it’s French doors, patio doors or garden doors, we offer a wide variety of styles and materials to suit your needs and budget. We’ll install them, too, and provide you with our 10-year labour guarantee. To learn more and get a free estimate, contact us at our Ottawa location today.


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