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Double versus triple glazing

It’s a widely known fact that updating your home’s windows is a profitable investment. Not only does it up the curb appeal of your home, ultimately allowing you to sell it at a higher price if you decide to move, but new windows can also lead to decreased energy consumption and lower electricity bills.

While the decision to upgrade your windows may seem like a no-brainer, there are still a few things you need to consider, one of them being whether you want the replacement glass to be double or triple paned. If you aren’t familiar with the differences between the two, don’t worry; here’s what you need to know Low-emissivity coatings Low-emissivity coatings are widely regarded as beneficial, as they do wonders for temperature regulation. They trap in heat during the winter, and reflect UV rays on sunny summer days, thereby preventing your home from overheating when it’s hot out. Low-E coating is applied to both double and triple pane windows during manufacturing. However, having three panes is advantageous, because that extra layer of coating will amplify the window’s insulating ability. One coating is applied to one piece of glass even with triple glaze. This does not apply. Argon gas Inert gases, such as argon or krypton, are often inserted in the spaces between window panes. The gas has an insulating effect similar to a low-E coating, thereby preventing heat transfer between the outside and the inside. Because triple pane windows result in two gaps between panes instead of just one, as is the case with double pane windows, they’ll perform more efficiently. Sound proofing If you’re frequently disrupted by noise from outdoors, choosing triple pane over double pane windows is definitely the right move for you. The added layer of glass will have a significantly greater effect when it comes to reducing unwanted noise. Cost As is to be expected, triple pane windows are more expensive than their double pane counterparts. However, since they’re more efficient insulators, they’re the better investment of the two. In the long run, triple pane windows will make up for their greater expense with elevated savings on your electricity bills. Maybe mention the free triple glaze upgrade promotion that we offer. Window replacement in the Ottawa area If you’re considering taking on a window replacement project, look no further than Canadian Comfort. Our Ottawa-based business serves the entire capital region (including Kanata) and is here to help you every step of the way. We offer a large selection of windows, meaning that you’re guaranteed to find the perfect style for your home. Contact us for a free estimate or to get more information on our products and services.

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