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Ensuring sufficient ventilation thanks to your windows

Your home needs proper air circulation, but today’s technologically advanced windows are more energy efficient and airtight than ever. So, when it’s time for a window replacement for your home, consider your home’s ventilation requirements first. Choosing the correct type of windows can help you and your family get fresh air. Here are some tips.

Benefits of home ventilation

Allowing fresh air to circulate throughout your home has many benefits for you and your home, including:

  • Elimination of airborne pollutants such as vapours from harsh cleaning products or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from paint, flooring and furniture

  • Reduced odour and humidity from cooking, washing, hot baths and showers

  • Reduction of harmful condensation and mould, which is particularly important for those with respiratory ailments or allergies, in addition to protecting your furniture and linens

  • Better regulation of air temperature throughout your home and improved energy efficiency

How to ventilate your home with windows

The type of windows you choose and how you use them can significantly influence air circulation and the amount of fresh air in your home. Here are some tips on using windows for ventilation:

  • Ensure you install openable windows — sliders, double-hung, casement or awning windows — on each side of your home to allow breezes to flow through.

  • Open your windows and ventilate your home for 15 minutes about five times a week.

  • Open windows on the south and east sides of your home early in the day to welcome cool morning breezes.

  • Choose windows that maximize airflow. For example, casement windows are more effective at catching breezes and pulling them into your home than awning or hopper windows.

Moreover, you must maintain clear, uninterrupted pathways where air can flow, so be sure to leave interior doors open to allow air to travel between rooms.

Window replacement in Ottawa

Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors has been a trusted window company for residential and commercial customers in Ottawa for over 50 years. We carry warrantied, durable, high-performance windows in a range of contemporary, elegant and stylish designs. Our experts can help you with your window replacement, and we also provide installation services to homes and businesses in the Ottawa area. Contact us today to get a free estimate for your new windows.


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