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If you want to facilitate access to your backyard, you may be wondering whether to opt for French doors or sliding patio doors. Whereas sliding patio doors operate sideways along a track, French doors usually consist of two side-by-side hinged doors that swing open from the centre. While both styles have their merits, there are several factors to consider before you make a decision.


If you want French doors, you need to make sure there’s room to accommodate doors that swing inward or outward. While this isn’t a problem if the doors open up to a spacious garden, this door style can drastically limit the usability of a modest-sized deck or patio. Sliding patio doors are often the preferable choice for a smaller space. Alternatively, you can opt for French doors with only one functioning door. ESTHETIC

French doors are widely considered a more elegant alternative to sliding patio doors. They complement the design style of older homes and can be customized with metallic accents, sidelights, transoms and stylish doorknobs. On the other hand, the simple design and large glass panes of sliding patio doors offer an unobstructed view of the outdoors and can make a room feel more open. ACCESSIBILITY

Although a sliding patio door can have more than one functional door, only one side can be opened at a time. Contrarily, French doors open up completely to provide a more seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor living space. This also facilitates circulation during large gatherings. Plus, you don’t have to step over a track like you would with sliding patio doors. However, sliding doors tend to be sturdier since they have a centre support. LIGHT AND AIRFLOW

Since sliding patio doors tend to have large panes of unadorned glass, they let in more natural light than French doors. And although sliding patio doors don’t provide as much air circulation as open French doors, they’re typically equipped with a screen door that keeps out bugs and other pests without cutting off the airflow. HIGH-QUALITY DOORS IN OTTAWA

Whether you want elegant French doors that open up to your garden or a durable sliding patio door, Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors offers a wide variety of customizable options. We also provide installation services in the Ottawa area with a 10-year labour guarantee and a lifetime transferable warranty on all the products we install. Contact us today for more information or to request an estimate.


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