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Coloured door and windows

Windows and doors have a major impact on curb appeal. In fact, it’s easy to transform the look of your home with a fresh coat of paint on your front door and window frames. But how do you choose the right colour? Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect hue for your home.

Consider the style of your home It’s important to work with your home’s overall style. If your house is traditional, use warm, vibrant colours like dark reds and rich browns. If it’s contemporary, use cooler shades, such as greys, blues and greens, to create a clean, modern look. Complement the landscape Select colours that work with your surroundings. For example, if you live near the river, use blue tones and if your property is located near a forest, try green or earthy tones. If your landscape is darker, use bright colours to lighten it up. Also, consider the weather in your area before choosing a hue. If your home is in a hot, sunny location, select a lighter shade of paint, as it’ll absorb less heat and won’t fade as quickly. Dark paints may crack in the heat, whereas light tones will last longer and age better. Don’t be afraid of colour Colour is powerful. It can affect a person’s behaviour, mood and emotions. It has strong subconscious influences. Here’s a look at the meaning associated with different colours:

  • Yellow is energetic, happy and hopeful

  • Orange is vibrant, creative and friendly

  • Red is passionate, warm and versatile

  • Blue is calming optimistic and refreshing

  • Green is grounding and balancing

  • Purple is luxurious, imaginative and romantic

  • Black is traditional and elegant

  • White is classic, pure and serene

Use the right paint In addition to choosing a colour, you’ll also need to pick a paint finish. Consider the material and condition of your doors and windows before selecting your finish. Exterior paints are sold in matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and gloss sheens. High gloss paints are durable and easy to clean, but they also highlight flaws and imperfections. This isn’t a great choice for older doors and window frames that are in rough shape. Windows and doors in and around Ottawa Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors can help you find the right windows and doors for your home. We manufacture and install doors and windows in and around Ottawa. We offer quality products in a wide variety of styles, materials and colours. Contact us today to learn more or to request a free estimate.


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