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window treatment

Curtains, blinds and shades can help amplify the style of your home’s interior. If you want to update your window treatments, here’s what you should consider.


In addition to how they look, it’s important to think about what you want your window treatments to do. In a bedroom, you might want to prevent light from entering. In a living room, protecting furniture from UV rays could be a priority, and in a bathroom, ensuring privacy is certainly a must. Window type

There are a variety of window types available and depending on what kind you have, your options for dressing it will vary. Sliding, single hung and bay windows all require different window treatments. Options

There are a number of window treatment options. Here are some of the most common:

  • Curtains are somewhat transparent and tend to be made from sheer polyester or light cotton This means they’re not great for providing privacy, but are fantastic for letting in attractive, diffused natural light.

  • Drapes are heavier and thicker than curtains and offer more of a black-out effect. Drapes are great for reducing light and damaging UV rays and increasing privacy.

  • Blinds are made from a rigid material such as wood or bamboo and feature individual slats. Blinds can be vertical or horizontal.

  • Shades are typically made from a single cut of fabric. They can be a great option in many cases but are impractical for windows that open inward.

In addition, most window treatments can be accompanied by a valance. This feature is made from a piece of fabric or wood that fits across the top of your windows, concealing the curtain rod or blind mechanism underneath. Measurements

When determining the width needed for curtains or drapes, remember to account for the additional six to 12 inches on either side of your window frame. For blinds and shades, determine if you want them to hang inside or outside the frame. Inside the frame requires at least two inches of depth. Height is more complicated. Add four inches for the curtain rod or blind mechanism above the window and determine if you want floor-to-ceiling treatments, which can make the room look bigger. Windows in Ottawa and surrounding areas

Are your windows old, drafty or broken? If it’s time to replace them, Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors can help. Our family-owned business has been supplying quality windows to Ottawa residents for over 50 years. Contact us for a free estimate on replacement windows or to find out more about our products and services.


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