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Join the Crowd That Has Already Made the Switch to Built-in Blinds

Photo of blind options for patio doors

Window coverings provide multiple essential functions in your home; they help control the amount of light that enters a room during the daytime and also help to protect your privacy at night. 

Built-in blinds, also known as internal blinds or between-the-glass blinds, are a type of window covering that is gaining popularity for use on garden and patio doors in homes throughout Ottawa. But are they for everyone? Our blog will examine built-in blinds and their advantages so you can make the most informed decision when upgrading your window coverings. Read on to learn more.

What Are Built-In Blinds?

First – what are built-in blinds? Unlike the external, more traditional blinds that are most commonly found in homes throughout Ottawa and the rest of Canada, built-in blinds are horizontal blinds that are built right into the window, or patio door between the panes of glass. 

They work just like traditional blinds, with a cord for raising or lowering them and a rod-type system to open or close them. 

Why Are Built-in Blinds in Patio Doors Becoming so Popular?

Built-in blinds are gaining popularity in homes in Ottawa and throughout Canada for their many advantages. 

  1. Easier cleaning – with traditional blinds, you need to clean and dust them regularly. Cleaning window coverings is a tedious task that can also inflame allergies. However, when the blinds are contained between panes of glass, they don’t get dirty at all, so cleaning is just a matter of cleaning the glass on the windows. 

  2. Light and privacy – built-in blinds offer complete control over light and privacy in your home. You can tilt the blinds to allow some light inside, you can pull the blinds up to allow full light to stream in, or you can close them to maintain your privacy at night. 

  3. No noise – it can be irritating when blinds slam around when you open or close the patio doors or start flapping against the door in the breeze. With built-in blinds, that noise is eliminated; they stay neatly inside the door no matter what or how the wind blows! 

  4. Fewer allergens indoors – if you or a member of your family suffers from pollen allergies, built-in blinds can be a help. Traditional blinds collect dust, which can contain allergens. During spring and summer, pollen can also collect on blinds, exacerbating the allergies of your family members who suffer from them. Built-in blinds do not collect pollen as they are sealed between two panes of glass, allowing you and your family to enjoy a home with less allergens.

  5. Safer for kids and pets – cordless blinds are the safest option for kids and pets since there is no danger of becoming tangled in the cords. However, they can still get hurt on the edges of the blinds, and often smaller pets, such as cats, can get tangled in the blinds themselves. With built-in blinds, there is no danger of that at all, since the blinds are safely tucked away between the glass. 

The Clear Choice for Ottawa Homes

For the well-being and convenience of families across Ottawa, built-in blinds are a great choice for your patio doors. Canadian Comfort in Ottawa offers a great selection of styles and colours to match your home décor and your personal tastes. 

Contact us today to book a consultation and to learn more about the built-in blinds we offer. 


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