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mould prevention ottawa vinyl windows

Mouldy windows are a sign that something is wrong and a cause for alarm. Here’s now to safely remove mould from your windows and prevent it from coming back for good.

Where Mould Comes From Mould spores are airborne and can develop anywhere they find water and a food source. Sweating windows are a key warning sign, but the window material makes a difference too. Wooden frames are more susceptible than vinyl windows, especially given the long and humid winters we get here in Ottawa. How to Safely Remove Mould from Your Windows or Walls Mould is made up of thousands of microscopic spores so it’s important to take precautions if you want to avoid inadvertently ingesting or inhaling it. Grab the following gear before you attempt to clean a mouldy surface: • Safety goggles • Rubber gloves • A dust mask that covers both the mouth and nose • Disposable rags or paper towels • A bucket containing a solution of approximately one-part bleach to three-parts water If the mould layer is thick, you can clean it with soap or baking soda first. You’ll want to follow up with either bleach or a good-quality fungicide in order to kill all the spores that may be trapped within the surface of the wall or windowsill. Open the window to allow the area to dry thoroughly. How to Prevent Mould from Forming When it comes to mould formation, ventilation is the key to keeping it at bay. Modern buildings are built to be air-tight, which means that it's up to you to monitor the air flow and air quality inside your home. Prevent mould from developing by: • Opening a window whenever the weather permits • Installing high-quality exhaust fans near sources of humid air like the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room • Installing a Heat Recovery Ventilator to expel stale air while maintaining your home’s energy efficiency • Replacing older wood-framed windows with vinyl Vinyl Windows in Ottawa If you’d like to learn more about mould growth, condensation and maintaining your windows, visit Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors. We’re the go-to source for vinyl windows in Ottawa and have proudly provided high-quality windows, doors and siding solutions to homeowners throughout the region for more than 50 years. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a free quote.


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