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The Benefits of Double-Pane Windows with Argon Gas Filling

When it comes to choosing windows for your house, there can be an overwhelming number of options. There are many styles and colours. You can even choose from different gas fillings between the panes, such as argon gas windows. 


In fact, argon gas windows are becoming more popular among Ottawa homeowners who are looking for more energy-efficient options for their basement windows replacement renovations or other replacement windows in their home. What are argon gas windows? Let’s take a closer look!  

Double pane windows


Properties of Argon Gas

First, let’s take a moment to learn more about argon gas.  


Argon gas is an element that occurs naturally as a gas in the Earth’s atmosphere. Argon is perfectly safe, being nontoxic and odourless. It’s inexpensive and dissipates rapidly in well-ventilated areas, which makes it ideal for industrial use. It’s often found in light bulbs, luxury car tires, SCUBA dry suits, and windows.  


Argon Gas in Window Construction 

Argon gas is used to fill the space between the panes in double and triple-glazed windows. The argon is pumped in via a small hole along the spacer, with the normal air allowed to escape through another small hole in the spacer.  


Why is argon gas used in window construction? The reason is that argon gas doesn’t conduct heat as well as air, which means it is an excellent insulator. That makes it common for use in energy-efficient windows for homes in Ottawa.  


A good window can last for more than 20 years with the argon still inside, providing you with insulation and energy efficiency.  


Is Argon Safe? 

You don’t need to worry – argon is nontoxic and nonreactive. If the window seal breaks and the argon leaks out, you and your family are in no danger, and it won’t do any damage to your home either. It will simply dissipate quickly. Your window will lose some energy efficiency and that’s it. 


Has My Argon Leaked Out?  

If you feel like your window has lost some ability to insulate your home, perhaps you notice cold spots or your energy bill is higher than it used to be, then that may indicate your argon window has lost its argon. It’s not unusual – argon does leak out over time. Additionally, a good indicator of seal failure is condensation in between the glass. Fortunately, it can be replaced. 


A window professional can detect the presence and quantity of argon gas that remains in your windows. The argon can be replaced by pumping it back in through the hole in the spacer. However, the leak could have been caused by a broken seal, in which case you will need to repair or even replace the window or else you’ll continue to have the same problem.   


Call Canadian Comfort for Professional Window Services 

When it comes to energy-efficient windows and argon gas windows, Canadian Comfort is the professional window service company to call. We have been providing professional window installation and repair services for homeowners in Ottawa for more than 50 years.  


All you need to do is give us a call and we can provide you with a quote.  



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