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Top 10 Window Trends in 2023 for Ottawa Homes

Photo of glass windows

In Canada, people that did home renovations spent around $13,000 last year. One thing that some Canadians did with their renovation was to get new windows and if you live in the Ottawa area, the most popular manufacturer was Northstar Windows.

Continue to read to find out what 2023 is bringing!

1. More Natural Light

One thing that you should consider doing is adding more natural light inside your home. This can be great for shoulder seasons like spring and fall, when you want to get some fresh air.

It can also save money on your electric bill. People in Ontario spend an average of $320 per month on their hydro bills. Save money while giving your home a bright and airy look.

2. Double-Hung Windows

These windows are good for people that want flexibility with how they use their windows. The way this one work is that it has two latches attached to the windows. You can move one half of the window up or down and use the window partially on either half.

3. Roman Shades

For those of you that value your sleep, this is a trend you should be happy to see continue in 2023. These shades offer a simple style to your room that will block enough sunlight out to allow you to get more sleep.

4. Blinds

If you want more flexibility with how much light comes into a room, you are going to want to get blinds for your windows. These are typically weaker than shades, but you do get the option of allowing just the right amount of light into your room.

5. Smart Houses

More and more people are looking for technology that will automate household tasks for them. One of these tasks includes opening and closing windows plus opening and closing blinds.

Here, people can do both with the click of a button. This will become a bigger trend in Canada, as 27% of Canadians already own at least one piece of smart home technology.

6. Top Down, Bottom Up Shades

These types of shades can be a game changer for those that have trouble finding a use for regular shades in the bathroom or bedroom. You could be someone that wants natural light in those rooms but are afraid of the lack of privacy.

The shades allow you to raise it from the bottom of the window, giving you an extra layer of privacy.

7. Binds integrated to windows

Internal blinds are becoming popular because they are very versatile while also being maintenance free. Providing the right amount of light and requiring no dusting and cleaning they are ideal in high passage areas like kitchens!

8. Sheers

Continuing with the bright and airy trend the sheers are coming back! If you want something a little lighter to block the full sunlight in a room, sheers can be one of your best options. On top of this, it is an easy decorative item to fit into a room.

9. Colorful Shades

Some people may want to add part of their personality to a room. Others may just want to make a room look like it has more life. Maximalism is on the rise and colourful shades is just what you need to tie a room together.

10. Big Windows and quality installation

Finally, quality installation is of the essence these days with the window size forever increasing. Most people who invest in their home wants to maximize their view if they have one. Whether you have a cottage by the lake or a condo on top of a skyscraper: proper installation by a trusted window company cannot be skipped for lasting windows.

Find Northstar Windows in Ottawa

These are ten window trends that you need to watch in 2023. Whether it involves connecting more to nature, a more open view, or controlling the light you get, these can be what you are looking for to spice up your windows.

If you want to get window replacement in Ottawa Get a free estimate from Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors! We carry Northstar Windows in Ottawa and currently provide a free triple glazed upgrade!


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