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Olive branch bouquet bathing in sunlight

The global pandemic has seen a rise in the number of Canadians working from home. As people spend more time inside their houses, lighting and comfort have become increasingly important. Upgrading windows increase the natural light in your home and creates an invigorating workspace. If you’re replacing your windows in your home office, consider these innovative designs.

1. Garden windows Bring a bit of nature into your home with a garden window. This 3D design creates a mini-greenhouse where your plants can bask in sunshine while being protected from the elements. A garden window creates more space because it protrudes outside the exterior wall. It also gives your home an eye-catching look from the outside. 2. Bow windows Bow windows let in more light than flat or bay windows, and they give you a 180-degree panoramic view of the outside. The rounded design projects beyond the exterior wall, adding space and brightness to your room. The windows can be either fixed or vented, giving you flexibility for airflow and security. 3. Wall of windows Depending on your home’s construction, you can transform existing wall space into a wall of windows. If you have a wall with two or more small windows, you can replace them with one large window and increase the amount of natural light in the room. Awning windows are advantageous for a wall of windows as they open outward, saving space. They’re hinged from the top to keep out falling leaves and rain. 4. Corner/L-shaped windows Turn an unused corner of your room or office into a bright and cheery space by installing a custom corner or L-shaped window. A corner window will increase the amount of natural light that can enter your room. Combine the window with an L-shaped sofa for a sunny place to read or relax. 5. Sliding window designs Sliding windows offer several advantages over hinged and casement windows. They feature the large view of a picture window but allow you to open and close the sashes with your fingertips. They come in single- or double-slider options, and the sashes can be lifted out for easier cleaning, maintenance and repairs. Some sliding window designs come with a slide-and-turn mechanism that allows you to slide the windows from side to side and also turn the windows outward, providing added ventilation. Window replacement and installation in Ottawa Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors can help you upgrade your windows and make your home a better place to live and work. We carry double- and triple-glazed windows from top-of-the-line Canadian manufacturers such as Gentek and North Star. With our high-quality windows, you’ll make your home more beautiful and lower your energy bills too. To get a free estimate or learn more, contact us today at our Ottawa location.


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