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Window grills are decorative bars installed between the panes of a window to divide a large sheet of glass and create visual interest. Often, this feature is used to add character to a home or match the appearance of the building's other windows. Here’s what you should know before you install window grills in your home.


Window grills can add esthetic value to your property. In particular, the layout of these decorative bars between the window panes can enhance the style of a home. The most common patterns include: Colonial. Characterized by two or more columns of squares that run the length of the window, this pattern can help tall, narrow windows look wider. Prairie. This design consists of four bars that run parallel to the window casing to create a frame effect. For an elegant look, opt for grills with a gold finish. Fractional. This pattern consists of a single row of squares along the top of the glass, which can be used to break up a single pane and mimic the appearance of a double-hung window. Window grills can be further customized by choosing from a range of shapes, colours and widths. DRAWBACKS

Since grills are inserted between the panes, they don’t affect glass maintenance or reduce the efficacy of low-e coatings. However, these decorative bars present a few issues that may make them unsuitable for some homeowners. Notably: They might not match. The same grill layout will look quite different in windows of varying heights. This can make it challenging to match new windows to old ones. It can also make the design look sloppy. They reduce energy efficiency. Grills take up space between the panes that would otherwise be filled with an insulating gas. This trade off makes your windows more susceptible to heat loss. They can’t be repaired. As a window settles, the decorative bars may shift and fall out of place. The only way to fix this issue is to replace the entire sealed unit. Windows are a significant investment. Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider whether window grills are the right choice for your home. WINDOW INSTALLATION IN NEPEAN AND OTTAWA

For professional advice on the best windows for your home, you can count on the experienced staff at Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors. We offer high-quality products and reliable window installation and replacement service in Ottawa and the surrounding communities, including Nepean and Kanata. For more information about our products or to request a free estimate, contact us today.


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