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Professional Window Replacement for Ottawa Homes

Your windows play a much more important role in your home life than you realize. Not only do they allow light, warmth, and ventilation into your rooms, they also provide an aesthetic touch to your home. Some of the windows are well-insulated to reduce energy costs. When it is time for window replacement in your Ottawa home, come to Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors. Broken windows increase energy bills and make your property susceptible to burglary. Even if you consider repairing the broken windows, it can be easily damaged from a tropical storm or a hurricane. When you notice your windows are drafty, have rotten frames, and are difficult to open and close, it is time for you to understand the benefits of window replacement.

The right windows are built to be stronger and more durable against intruders and the glass is designed to shatter into smaller pieces rather than larger and more dangerous shards. Replacing windows is one of the best options for energy efficiency. Modern windows offer better insulation, helps to keep air cool during summer months, and prevents heat loss during winters. When your home offers better temperature control and ventilation, you can minimize the use of air conditioners and heaters. Hence replacing drafty, older windows saves money and provides better security.

Increase the curb appeal of your home with our window replacement services in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Having the right style, material, and colour will greatly improve the look of your house both inside and out. It also increases the value of your property. Modern windows also come with UV protection to keep you and your family members safe from UV rays and protect your furnishings from fading.

Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors is the company to choose when you need quality window replacement services in Ottawa. Since 1968, we have also been a trusted supplier of quality windows and doors. Our objective is to meet and exceed your expectations. Having over 50 years of experience, we have installed thousands of windows, helping families achieve better energy efficiency, security, and value in their homes. We are a trusted supplier and installer of quality windows from brands such as North Star® and Gentek®.

Our windows are backed by a 10-year labour guarantee and a transferable lifetime warranty on all products we install. We understand budget restraints so we offer rebates and financing options to help you with your window replacement projects in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Please give us a call today to learn more and to request a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.

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