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High-Quality Awning Windows in Ottawa

Do you wish you could let a little fresh air into your basement? Sliders are often an awkward compromise as they are quite difficult to open when placed high up on the wall. You will find a much better option at Canadian Comfort: come take a look at the awning windows at our Ottawa showroom. Easily operated with a turn of a handle, they bring light and air into your basement when open and give a weathertight seal against the elements when closed. They are hinged on top to enable ventilation and open outward to avoid letting in falling leaves and rain.



It is important to know about the windows you choose for your home that are beneficial, attractive, and durable. Awning windows facilitate the flow of natural light and provide maximum ventilation. They can be installed in places where ventilation is required the most such as the kitchen or bathroom. Kitchens and bathrooms are exposed to more moisture than the other areas of your home, therefore, you need flexible windows that let in fresh air and help to create an ideal home environment. They can also be used in the sitting room for an unobstructed view. Some of the benefits of awning windows are:

Good ventilation: As awning windows are placed higher than other types of windows, they provide ventilation and natural light without compromising on your privacy.
Aesthetic value: Awning windows are suitable for both traditional and modern homes. The high placement of windows allows for maximum wall-space which can be used for the placement of art and furniture.
Versatility: Versatility is one of the best things about this type of windows as they can be used in combination with other window styles such as casement windows, gliding windows, picture windows, and other specialty types.

Not just ideal for kitchens and bathrooms you can also have them above a door or for extra ventilation for stuffy rooms or near walkways. If you need more information about awning windows in Ottawa or want to discuss the best option for you give us a call, or contact us via our convenient online form, or stop by and visit. We’ll be happy to help you make a choice that is attractive, affordable, and energy-efficient.

Four-point fusion-welded frame and sash to add structural strength and increase precision in the frame and sash
Three-seal system and mitered sash stops that help prevent air and water penetration
Sash hinged at the top and swings outward
Large multi-chamber sashes and frames offer superior strength and insulation
7/8″ insulated glass utilizes “warm-edge” glazing system and nonconductive spacers to minimize heat and cold transfer
Beveled profile matches fixed casement
Unique, easy load screen
Optional fold-away handle
Guards against inclement weather while venting


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