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Browse the Collection of Garden Doors in Ottawa

A garden door can instantly add to your home’s beauty both inside and out. It can also enhance your home’s security, accessibility and energy efficiency. At Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors, we carry a wide variety of stylish garden doors and offer top-quality door installation for customers in Ottawa.


Our comprehensive warranty and competitive pricing make us the choice of residential and commercial customers in Ottawa and surrounding Nepean, Kanata and Barrhaven. Contact us today to schedule a visit or request a free on-site estimate.

garden patio doors


Customers who want secure and stylish access to their patio or garden will typically choose between French or garden doors. To help you decide which is best for you, we’ve compiled a list of essential differences.



Although both types of doors are similar in appearance, their designs are different. Garden doors are designed with one solid door-like panel and one opening door. Conversely, French doors have two opening doors, providing a larger opening and increased ventilation.



French doors provide a wider passage than garden doors. If you like to host large parties, the double opening enables people to move freely back and forth. On the other hand, if you have indoor pets, a garden door may give them less opportunity to escape.



If you’re looking for something sturdy, a garden door is probably your best bet. French doors have two openings. Therefore, they lack the solid centre support of garden doors



The above are the main differences between gardenand French doors, to go in more details please read our blog  French vs Garden vs Patio Doors



A well-functioning garden door is essential for your home’s comfort, energy efficiency and security. Here are four signs your garden door may be due for an update.


  It’s noisy or stiff to open.

You can often fix a squeaky hinge with a bit of oil. However, if your door sticks or scrapes, you may have a more serious problem. Shifts in alignment can worsen with time and may cause damage to your floor and compromise your home’s security.


You feel a draft.

If the seals around your door are cracked or torn, indoor air can escape and outdoor air can infiltrate, affecting your home’s energy efficiency. Keep an eye out for gaps where light can pass through; this is another telltale sign that your doors aren’t sealing properly.


It shows signs of wear and tear.

You want your doors to be beautiful and keep your home safe from intrusion. If you think your doors have seen better days, there’s a chance they’re also not as secure as they ought to be.


You find more pests indoors.

If you’ve been seeing insects or other tiny intruders inside your home more often than usual, there’s a chance your ill-fitting door is the culprit. Moreover, some tiny home invaders may not be evident at first glance, so check the door itself for signs of insects.


Whether you want to save on energy costs, improve home security or update the look of your home, you can rely on Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors for expert service and an extensive selection of quality doors.


If you’re ready to invest in a new garden door, Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors in Ottawa is the place to go. We have an impressive selection of garden doors and provide expert installation. We serve residential and commercial clients in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Additionally, we proudly offer guarantees on our products and labour. Contact us today to discuss your needs or request a free on-site quote.

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