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Modernisiertes Stockwerk in grau mit 3 PVC Fenster

Triple Glazed Windows

Triple-Glazed Windows in Ottawa 

Triple-glazed windows offer maximum security, efficiency and soundproofing for your home. If you’re replacing your existing windows or building a new home in the Ottawa area, you should consider investing in triple-glazed windows.

Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors has one of the largest selections of triple-glazed windows in the Ottawa area. We carry windows from North Star and Gentek, some of the highest quality brands in Canada. Contact us today to learn more about our products and get a free estimate on triple-glazed windows.


Triple-glazed windows are a relatively recent innovation in window manufacturing. A triple-glazed window comprises three layers of glass set within a frame. In comparison, a single-glazed window has a single pane of glass, and a double-glazed window has two panes. Moreover, layers of argon or krypton gas separate the panes of triple-glazed windows to increase energy efficiency.


Triple-glazed windows are up to 50 per cent more efficient than double-glazed windows. The extra layer of glass creates an additional insulating barrier that double-glazed windows don’t have. The other layer helps keep indoor temperatures stable, keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. 


Another energy-efficient element of triple-glazed windows is low-emissivity (low-E) glass, which has a thin coating that reflects heat and the sun’s harmful UV rays. You can upgrade to double low-e giving two layers.


The layers of argon or krypton gas also contribute to superior energy efficiency. These gases are heavier and denser than air and minimize heat transfer through the panes. 


U-value measures heat loss in windows; the lower the U-value, the less heat loss the product permits. On average, a single-glazed window has a U-value of 5.6, while a triple-glazed window has a U-value of 0.8. The average U-value for our triple-glazed windows is 0.24.

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The principal drawback to triple-glazed windows is that they cost more than double-glazed and single-glazed models. However, higher upfront costs can be offset by long-term energy savings.

Triple-glazed windows are also heavier than double-glazed and single-glazed windows and may be an unsuitable option if the existing structure provides inadequate support.


In addition to being energy efficient, triple-glazed windows offer the following:

Better security. The thickness of a triple-glazed window makes it difficult for vandals and intruders to break.

Improved soundproofing. Due to the extra glass panes and gas layers, a triple-glazed window is the most soundproof option.

Less condensation. Condensation in windows occurs when moist, warm indoor air contacts cold window glass.

Thanks to their low U-values, triple-glazed windows offer the most significant protection against condensation.

Contact Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors for more information about a free triple-glazed upgrade for our North Star Products.


At Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors, we install quality triple-glazed windows of every style, including bay, bow, casement and awning windows. We’re a trusted supplier of Gentek and North Star windows to residential and commercial customers in the Ottawa area. Contact us today for an estimate on your new vinyl windows and how you can get a free upgrade to triple-glazed windows.

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