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Ottawa has a long-standing reputation for being a peaceful, scenic capital. But according to the OPS’ recent statistics, local crime rates have been rising steadily. To keep our city’s homes protected against burglaries and break-ins, it’s integral that homeowners ensure their windows are secure. At Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors, we’re committed to helping Ottawa residents stay safe. Given this, we compiled a list of security tips to help you make your windows burglarproof. • Window locks Always remember to lock your windows before leaving the house. When left unlocked, a thief could easily slide open the windowpane from the outside. If you’re prone to forgetting, remind yourself by setting a mobile alert or placing a helpful sticky note in the front hallway. Remember that not all windows come with locks. If you’re thinking of getting a window replacement, look for lockable models like our single and double hung tilt-in vinyl windows as well as casements and awnings! At Canadian Comfort, our windows have multi-pointe locking systems. • Reinforced glass Before signing the dotted line on your window installation contract, ask about reinforced glass. It’s much stronger than untreated glass and, therefore, less prone to shattering under force. One of the most popular types is laminated glass, which has a protective inner layer of vinyl between the two glass sheets. Sometimes called “safety glass,” laminated glass is impossible to break without creating a loud commotion, since the thief has to hit the window repeatedly and powerfully to yield any results. • Security alarms There are security alarms designed specially for windows. While you’ll find many kinds on the market, the window sensor alarm is a fine example. If a window is smashed or forcibly opened, this compact device will trigger a loud alarm to alert you of an intruder and scare them away. Alternatively, a home alarm system is another effective measure to keep both your windows and doors secure. If the operators fail to reach you by phone after the alarm sounds, they’ll ask local police to investigate. • Window bars Breaking a basement window is an easy way for a burglar to gain access to your home. To keep these vulnerable windows safe, consider installing window bars or grills. Window security bars don’t have to detract from your house’s beauty either. Many of these bars and grills come in attractive designs and colours, thus adding to the overall aesthetic of your home. Want to improve your home security? For top-quality quality window installation and replacement in Ottawa, contact the professionals at Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors. Call us today for a free estimate.


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