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Explore the Large Selection of Patio & Sliding Doors at Ottawa's Canadian Comfort

Did you know that a patio door can double or triple the amount of light in a room? Whether you’re planning to choose a patio door for a new house or as a renovation addition, it needs to be done with the highest precision. Our team of experienced technicians at Canadian Comfort in Ottawa will make sure to provide only quality work.

Patio doors improve aesthetics, provide protection and are energy efficient. You need to keep these factors in mind before choosing your patio and sliding door.

Canadian Comfort offers the largest selection of high-quality patio doors in Ottawa along with several other types, to suit your specific needs. Get in touch with us today to get your free estimate.

North Star Windows & Doors

North Star Patio Door Collection

North Star patio doors offer a perfect combination of beauty and security. They are made in Ontario, so they’re manufactured to the highest standards for weather-proofing against harsh Canadian conditions, while offering these features and functions:

Low-E glass coatings for peak energy efficiency

Green options to reflect heat back to its source (the sun, or your furnace)

Quiet operation with Super Spacer technology

Perfect-Slide wheels for easy opening and closing

Fusion welded sashes

Quality single-point locks; security bolt add-on option for extra security

Custom options for perfect fit

Finishes in seven exterior colours and three interior colours


Gentek patio doors are built with attention to details like these:

Double-wall design and multi-chambered construction

1-inch thick insulated glass with PPG Intercept Warm-Edge Spacer System (reducing the transfer of heat and cold)

Smooth gliding action for quiet and easy operation

Heavy-duty design with steel reinforcement

ExaDual internal/external weatherstripping and compression bulb seal for increased thermal protection label

Strong warranty protection

Our Canadian Comfort doors also offer a variety of interior grids and blinds (enclosed within the insulated units for easy cleaning). Ergonomic handles for both contemporary and classic patio doors feature a thumb latch for ease of operation.

If you are searching for other types of doors, we have got a wide selection of those too ranging from front doors to garden doors. Take your pick by browsing through our doors variety.

Different Types of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are of various types, differentiated on the basis of their ease of usage and functions. Below are the most commonly available sliding doors:

Sliding doors with curtain rods

These doors don’t take up wall space because of the presence of two layers of glasses. Preferable for outdoor kitchen areas, patios, and gardens.

Hanging doors

These sliding doors get attached to a rail that is placed above the door. For installation, you need to have a free wall space of at least one width of the door.

Wall sliding doors

These slide within the pockets in the wall. They are a great solution in the absence of wall space. They are ideal for wardrobes.

At Canadian Comfort, we also offer reliable window installation and repair services along with comfort window options to choose from to fit your needs. Learn more.

What Is the Best Patio Door for Your Home?

To choose the best patio door for your house in Ottawa, you need to decide what purpose it will serve for you. For instance, a sliding patio door will let you keep the door open, all the while avoiding pesky bugs or mosquitoes from entering your house. 

You also need to figure out a budget for your patio door before looking for options. Remember that doors made of real wood are much more expensive than vinyl or fibreglass options.

Canadian Comfort can help you choose the appropriate patio door that will best fulfil your needs. Our experienced team will understand your expectations and provide suitable options for you to choose from.

Read what our satisfied customers in Ottawa have to say about our work so that you have all the more reasons to trust our services.


There is a wide range of choices available within the materials used to make patio doors. These are listed below with their beneficial features for you to make an informed choice:




Variety in styles

Resists rust and mildew

Resists dents, warping, and peeling

Offers decorative glass options

Ideal for moderate climates

Low maintenance

Enhances architectural appeal

Durable against environmental elements

Available in many textures

Easy to customize

Offers decorative glass options

Can be painted over



Energy efficient

Ensures strength and durability

Low maintenance

Resists rotting, warping and shrinkage


Provides insulation bonds on the surface

Easy to install

Ideal for additional security

Wider colour choices

Water resistant


Canadian Comfort is here to offer you a wide range of patio and sliding door options to choose from, according to your needs.

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