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Your Go-to Source for Vinyl Window Replacement in Ottawa

Have you been thinking of replacing the old windows in your home or office? Whether you need to let the breeze in, keep the cold out, or simply want a clear view of your surroundings, Canadian Comfort’s windows in Ottawa are the answer. We are happy to offer warrantied, durable, first-rate replacement windows to Ottawa’s savviest property owners – you included!

The Combination of Quality and Aesthetics

At Canadian Comfort, we pride ourselves on being a premier supplier of durable and high-performance windows in Ottawa at reasonable prices. We have a diverse range of contemporary, elegant, and stylish designs that will go with the decor and colour scheme of your property. Our experts help you choose a design that complements the exterior rather than standing out oddly.

What Type of Windows Are the Best?


Our reliable and trustworthy services offer different styles of vinyl windows for Ottawa’s homeowners. To best fit the look of your home as well as your personal taste, the following styles are available:


Picture fixed (panoramic view, non-operative)

Single slider lift-out (single operating slider)

Double slider lift-out (two operable sashes slide horizontally)

 Single-hung tilt-in (easy to slide and tilt open for safe cleaning)

Double-hung tilt-in (both sashes tilt in for easy cleaning)

Double slider slide-&-turn (slide-and-turn hardware allows for easy cleaning from inside)

 Double slider tilt-in (left or right side ventilation)

 Casement (cranks open 90 degrees for easy cleaning; multi-point locks for security)

 Awnings (protects against bad weather and provides ventilation)

 Single slider pop-in sash (opens easily by rolling with brass wheels)

 Combination (can be individually customized)

 Bay vinyl (a combination of three windows)

 Bow vinyl (lets in more light than flat or bay windows)

Read our blog to get more information about the replacement of windows. We have strong relationships with leading window manufacturers North Star and Gentek, which have stood the test of time in providing the highest quality windows. Call us today to know about our wide inventory.

High Performance and Durable Window Mechanisms

Usually, our clients replacing old windows need to make the decision between wood, fibreglass, and vinyl windows. In Kanata, Barrhaven, Nepean, and the Ottawa area the overall benefit of vinyl over any other material is very clear. All have their own benefits, but the differences come down to a few factors: price, energy efficiency, maintenance, durability, and appearance.

  • Price Vinyl windows are inexpensive in many ways. The upfront cost of vinyl is cheaper, the long term savings are more substantial, and the needed upkeep is less intensive. Overall the savings offered by vinyl are unparalleled.

  • Efficiency: Vinyl windows are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and have an extremely high insulation value. Effective insulation keeps heat out of your house in the summer and in your house in the winter, reducing your overall energy bills. Unlike vinyl, wood windows can warp and rot, which can have detrimental effects on your insulation.

  • Maintenance: Vinyl window requires almost no maintenance after installation. Before installation, your windows come manufactured in your desired colour and finish. Cleaning is much easier than any other material – soap and water are all you need. No staining, sanding, or finishing is required!

  • Durability: Vinyl isn’t susceptible to the elements that deteriorate wood windows: water, dirt, mould, scratches, dents, and UV damage.

  • Appearance: Many homeowners prefer the aesthetic of wood over vinyl. However, vinyl can easily be manufactured to look just like wood while providing all the superior advantages. Vinyl simulating wood is better than the real thing!

How Much Does It Cost to Get Windows Replaced?

We hope there was an obvious answer for this one, but the fact is that the cost of your replacement windows can differ considerably based on what you get, and what you require. That is why we offer a no-obligation, in-home consultation. Before you commit to buying anything, we'll let you know precisely what your choices are, and help you get your new windows into your budget.

Is It a Good Idea to Replace All Windows at Once?

Many property owners wonder if they have to spend on replacing all the windows at the same time. In general, the response is “no.” Although even replacing a single-window can help you completely transform the demeanour of your home, if you change your home’s window style, you might want to change all the windows in a section at once. If you are looking for a complete overhaul and are not bound by any financial constraints, you can consider replacing multiple windows at once. Also, substituting more windows at one time will save you money on installation charges.

Providing Holistic After-Sales Service

At Canadian Comfort, we provide you with the efficient replacement and installation of the windows in Ottawa for homes. We can provide you with a comprehensive consulting approach combined with attention to detail in order to provide you with complete customer satisfaction. Our wide base of satisfied clients across Ottawa is a resounding testimony to our prompt and expedient services.

Let the Sun Shine in

Whether you require a single window or remodelling to modernize and refresh your property, trust our professionals.

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