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Quality Patio Doors in Ottawa

Patio doors can double or even triple the amount of light in a room while increasing ventilation. Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors offers quality service for the installation of patio doors and has an extensive inventory for you to choose from. We’ve been installing patio doors for customers in the Ottawa area since 1968. Contact us today to request a free on-site estimate.

Types of Patio Doors


Explore the many shapes and sizes of patio doors you can choose from.

Garden doors: Garden doors are a type of hinged patio door. They typically consist of two door-sized panels with full-length glass panes. One acts as a door and swings out, while the other is stationary, giving the entryway symmetry. A solid centre post provides support between the two panels.

French doors: Not necessarily a patio door because they’re much more versatile, French doors consist of two doors that swing out from the middle on hinges. French doors have a more elegant appearance because they lack a solid support beam in the middle. They also provide a wider passageway and offer more ventilation.

Sliding patio doors: Sliding patio doors slide on a track, requiring less clearance room and allowing for more functional space around your entrance. Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors has a wide selection of sliding patio doors to meet your needs.

Walkout deck with glass slide door.jpg

What Is the Best Patio Door for Your Home?

To choose the best patio door for your house in Ottawa, you need to decide what purpose it will serve for you. For instance, a sliding patio door will let you keep the door open, all the while avoiding pesky bugs or mosquitoes from entering your house. 


You also need to figure out a budget for your patio door before looking for options. Remember that doors made of real wood are much more expensive than vinyl or fibreglass options.

Canadian Comfort can help you choose the appropriate patio door that will best fulfil your needs. Our experienced team will understand your expectations and provide suitable options for you to choose from. 


Read what our satisfied customers in Ottawa have to say about our work so that you have all the more reasons to trust our services.

Choice and Features of Materials Used in Patio Doors

There is a wide range of choices available within the materials used to make patio doors. These are listed below with their beneficial features for you to make an informed choice:


  • Energy efficient

  • Low maintenance

  • Long-lasting

  • Easy to install

  • Wider colour choices

  • Water resistant


  • Resists rust and mildew

  • Ideal for moderate climates

  • Durable against environmental elements

  • Offers decorative glass options


  • Ensures strength and durability

  • Resists rotting, warping and shrinkage

  • Provides insulation bonds on the surface 

  • Ideal for additional security


  • Resists dents, warping, and peeling

  • Low maintenance

  • Available in many textures

  • Can be painted over

Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors is the place to go if you’re considering installing a new patio door. We have an impressive selection of patio doors and provide expert door installation. We serve residential and commercial clients in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to arrange a free on-site visit and estimate.

Your Trusted Choice for Installing Patio Doors in Ottawa

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