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winterize window

With the cold weather approaching, you’ll soon be relying on your home heating system to keep you warm. However, to ensure it operates at maximum efficiency, you’ll need to take precautions. Fortunately, winterizing your exterior doors is a simple and affordable way to prevent heat loss. Here’s how to do it.

Checks for gaps Are there gaps around your door? To find out, make sure it’s closed it and then carefully inspect the door and doorframe on a sunny day to determine if any sunlight peeks through. If there’s a gap, it will also allow warm air to seep out and cold air to come in. Another way to check for air leaks is to pass a lit candle along the edge of a door on a windy day. If the flame flickers, there’s air coming in. Seal the leaks If you find any air leaks, you should seal them. Here’s are some effective methods for closing gaps around doors:

  • Apply caulking. Caulking is an inexpensive product that can be used to seal small gaps and cracks around your doors. Apply the caulk in layers, allowing it to dry thoroughly before applying more.

  • Add weatherstripping. If you think your door could fit more snugly in its frame, weatherstripping is what you need. New weatherstripping will create more tension around the door, making sure no warm air escapes. This product is easy to install.

  • Put on a draft guard. Installing this device is the best solution for an air leak that’s located along the bottom of a door. A rolled-up towel placed along the edge of the door also works but isn’t a permanent solution.

Insulate your windows If your door has glass windowpanes, you may want to make sure they let in only light. Insulating films are a great way to increase the thermal rating of glass, whether it’s on a door or regular windows. Consider installing a storm door Storm doors provide an additional layer of protection against harsh winter weather by minimizing the amount of airflow that reaches your main doors. If you choose to add a storm door to the front of your home, it will need to be professionally installed. Replacing doors and windows in the Ottawa area Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors offers a wide range of exterior doors that both look great and insulate your home against winter weather. We are pleased to be able to provide and install top quality models from North Star Windows and Doors. Contact us today for a free estimate on your new front door or to find out more about our Ottawa area services.


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