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The Pros and Cons of Awning Windows in Bathroom Design

What kind of windows should you install in your bathroom? There are a lot of options, each one with its own upsides and drawbacks, but one great option you should consider for your home in Ottawa is the awning window.

Photo of a building with a row of awning windows

Read more to find out more about this option and why you should consider it.


What are Awning Windows?

Awning windows are the style of window that opens outward from a top hinge, and they have a screen on the inside. These windows will have a chain winder that allows you to open the window to the amount you need. They can be locked in an open position, where only the chain winder will allow the window to close. Pros

There are many benefits to adding awning windows to your home in Ottawa, such as:

  • Energy Efficiency – Awning windows are more energy efficient than other window types due to having only one seal on their exterior frames. This means they completely seal off airflow when they’re shut, no matter what the outside temperature is.

  • Attractive Designs – Awning windows are a great way to add a bit more character to your home. They provide more flair and personality than traditional square windows.

  • Excellent Ventilation – Awning windows provide excellent ventilation when you need it most. Their outward-opening design allows them to capture outside air better, funnelling it into your home. In bathrooms where moisture can build up, this is especially important.

  • Good Natural Light – If you’re looking for extra light during the day but want to keep light out at night, awning windows are a great option. Their design lets in sunlight without letting in unwanted views from outside – something that is very important for bathrooms, especially on the ground floor.

  • Durability – Awning winders are some of the most durable types. They’re heavy and more resistant to damage due to their design. With a frame that’s made of either wood or aluminum, they are more robust than other windows, and with screens made from fiberglass or vinyl, they are quite a bit stronger than alternatives.

  • Open Windows - you can have the window open during rain and not have any water coming inside your home.

  • Frosted Privacy – frost your windows and still have privacy if open.



Of course, as with any design, awning windows have drawbacks to them as well. These include:

·       Easier to Walk Into – Because they open outward, they stick out of the building. If they’re on the ground floor, this can mean they jut out into the path of people trying to walk by. That makes it easier to walk into by accident, causing damage to your window and potentially injuring a person.

·       Difficult to Clean – Due to their slanted nature, it can be hard to clean the exterior of the window, unless they’re on the ground floor.

·       Open Limitations - only opens to a 45 degree angle whereas casement windows open to a full 90 degree angle.


Your Source for Awning Windows and More in Ottawa

Canadian Comfort has been operating in Ottawa for more than 50 years. We have installed and replaced all manner of windows over the years, including many awning windows for our customers’ bathrooms.


Awning windows are clearly the way to go to make your bathroom even better. Give us a call and request a quote today and make the best decision you can.


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