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replacing a door

It’s important to have a quality front door that both enhances the appeal of your property and keeps your home secure. Here are six signs that your door needs to be replaced.

It’s in poor condition Wood doors can warp, crack, chip and peel, while metal doors can dent and rust. Sometimes a touch-up is all that’s needed, but if the door has become structurally unsound, replacement may be in order. You should also consider getting a new door if the imperfections are marring your home’s appearance. It’s difficult to open and close If you have to yank your front door to open it or slam it to get it to shut, the door probably no longer fits within the doorframe. An ill-fitting door is generally the result of warping or bending, which can occur with entry doors made of wood. This is because they expand and contract in response to changes in temperature and humidity. In places like Ottawa that have wildly fluctuating temperatures and extreme weather conditions, this process is likely to be accelerated. Draftiness is another sign you have a warped front door. If the door is no longer sitting flush against the frame, cold air will be able to seep into your home. However, to be sure it’s the door that’s faulty, first check to see if the weatherstripping is in good condition. Worn, cracked or poorly installed weatherstripping can also break the seal around the door thereby resulting in drafts. It’s been around for a while A quality front door has a lifespan of approximately 30 years. After this point, it’s time to consider replacing it. Even if it’s still serviceable, an old door likely won’t offer the same level of security and visual interest as a new door. It’s a builder-grade door Builder grade doors are a type of low-quality, hollow door that some developers put on new homes to cut costs. These offer minimal security, durability and energy efficiency. It’s less than chic Finally, it may simply be time to boost your home’s curb appeal with a new, stylish front door. If you’re looking to upgrade your home, a front door provides a high return on investment. Superior entry doors in Ottawa Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors installs durable, stylish front doors. We’re a trusted supplier of high-quality North Star products. Contact us if you’re looking for an exceptional door in Ottawa.


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