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tripe glazed window

Are you getting new windows for your home in Ottawa? If so, one of the main factors to consider is the type of glazing you require: single, double, or triple. Triple-glazed windows are cent innovation and are fast becoming the standard choice among homeowners. Here’s what you need to know about this type of window.

What are they? A triple-glazed window is made up of three layers of glass set within a frame. In comparison, a single-glazed window is made from a single pane of glass, and a double-glazed window is made of two panes. The panes of triple-glazed windows are separated by two layers of argon or krypton gas. What makes them more energy-efficient? Triple-glazed windows are the most energy-efficient window option. This is for several reasons. For one, modern windowpanes are made of Low-E glass, which prevents heat loss while allowing the sun’s rays to stream in. Having three Low-E glass panes, rather than one or two, results in greater energy efficiency. There is only one coat of Low-E on a triple glazed window and two-layer of argon gas. The layers of argon or krypton gas also contribute to superior energy efficiency. These gases don’t conduct heat to the degree that air does, thereby preventing heat loss. Heat loss in windows is measured by U-value; the lower the U-value, the less heat loss the product permits. On average, a single-glazed window has a U-value of 5.6 while a triple-glazed window has a U-value of 0.8. The average U-value for our triple-glazed windows is 0.24. What are some other advantages? In addition to being energy efficient, triple-glazed windows offer the following:

  • Better security. The thickness of a triple-glazed window makes it difficult for vandals or intruders to break.

  • Improved soundproofing. Due to the extra panes of glass and layers of gas, a triple-glazed window is the most soundproof option.

  • Less condensation. Condensation in windows occurs when the cold outdoor air comes in contact with the much warmer indoor air. Triple-glazed windows offer the greatest protection against condensation thanks to their low U-values.

Contact us if you want more information about the free triple-glazed upgrade for our North Star Products. What are the drawbacks? The principal drawback to triple-glazed windows is that they cost more than double-glazed and single-glazed models. That said, they can also prove a wise investment thanks to the increased energy savings. Triple-glazed windows are also heavier than double-glazed and single-glazed windows and may be an unsuitable option if the existing structure provides inadequate support. Triple-glazed windows in Ottawa Are you looking for well-made triple-glazed windows? At Canadian Comfort Windows & Doors, we install quality windows of every style, including bay, bow, casement and awning windows. We’re a trusted supplier of Gentek and North Star windows. Contact us for a vinyl window replacement in Ottawa.


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